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InFocus SP8602 projector review update

The InFocus has left the building. Greetings all.  Actually, the review has gone quite nicely, but for one thing.  The maximum lumens I have been able to measure with the SP8602 is 952, and that's dynamic mode, lens at full wide angle, etc.  The problem is, InFocus says this particular projector should be doing more.  They ran the serial number against their QC process and said this unit should hit 1100 lumens, a significant difference. So, we're on hold, but just for a few days.  I overnighted the review unit back to InFocus - so they could run some of their own measurements.  Most likely it will return by this Wednesday, but, if they still are not happy, most likely a 2nd (brighter?) 8602 will arrive.  BTW the optics in the InFocus have a lot of brightness range.  Despite having less zoom range, the drop from wide angle to telephoto is greater than most projectors with 2:1 zooms.  That meant more extra lumens going from mid-point (where we do most measurements) to wide angle, and far fewer, going to telephoto.  Of course, all the numbers will be in the full InFocus SP8602 home theater projector review. That's good.  it there is an extra 15% more brightness, it will impact my opinion of the InFocus Sp8602.   I'll keep  you all posted as the story develops. -art PS. other than the brightness - let me say the InFocus SP8602 has exceptionally good color, and a very sharp image.  Blacks are much better than the old IN83, but still not up to today's best performing projectors. Still, it gets up there into the ultra-high contrast category, even if it still can't match the blacks of the best of the lower cost projectors, the Epson.  On the other hand, it's got plenty of other things going for it!

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