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JVC DLA-RS10 and DLA-RS20 projectors have arrived!

Both the JVC RS20 and RS10 - officially the DLA-RS20, and DLA-RS10 - have arrived. Note also that these two home theater projectors are from JVC's Pro division.  Similar models - with almost no differences - are available from their Consumer group.  The DLA-RS20 projector's equivalent model is the HD750, while the DLA-RS10's almost identical twin is the HD350. I have spent a couple of hours with the RS20 last night, but Mike has it now for calibration.  He'll bring that back to me tomorrow afternoon and pick up the RS10 for calibration.  Tomorrow (Wed.) I'll be doing a lot of viewing in my theater, as well as in the testing room. I've already put the RS20 up against the Epson 6500UB and the Sony HW10 (even though the JVC isn't calibrated yet).  Only a little surprise: The Epson 6500 really does come pretty close to the RS20's black levels. Let's just say that the while the JVC definitely bests the Epson, the Epson is much closer to the RS20 than to the Sony, which wasn't even in the ballpark in terms of black level performance. It will be interesting to see the RS10 vs. the Epson in particular, but also against the Panasonic PT-AE3000 and Sanyo PLV-Z3000. JVC fans, fear not. It is immediately obvious to me that the RS20 is the more refined projector.  You know - film-like, natural skin tones, etc., and that's BEFORE it's been calibrated. That's it - no more for now. Most likely a First Look blog for the JVC RS20 will publish Thursday, and the one for the RS10 on Friday or Saturday. Look for the full RS20 review next Monday night, but probably Tuesday, and the RS10's review 3-4 days later. Oh by the way.  the RS20 definitely does seem brighter, than the RS2.  That's what I personally need.  I'll be trying to fill my 128" Firehawk with the RS20's image tomorrow night.  It will likely be a close thing.  -art

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