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JVC DLA-RS4910 Projector - First Look

Greetings projector fans -  I just want to say for now that I really am impressed with JVC's DLA-RS4910.  This projector doesn't exist in the consumer X series, only on the pro RS.  With a sticker price of about $5500 list.
JVC's DLA-RS4910 produces an impressive picture for a $5000 range projector

JVC's DLA-RS4910 produces an impressive picture for a $5000 range projector

  What I really wanted to say is that the picture is extremely saturated and rich looking, reminds me of a good DLP projector.  I found the iris to be about as invisible as one can hope for, and the blacks really good. This JVC RS4910 projector isn't yet calibrated but it has a couple of great looking modes to start with.  Mike will calibrate it when he gets back from his travels, this weekend.  I'll shoot the movie photos then, do the HDTV in the meantime. It's been a few months since I've had the Sony HW55ES here, so I'm working from memory.  I figure the JVC has more pop, it may turn out that the Sony is more natural looking, but I sure do like watching this JVC projector.

The RS4910 proves to put up a well balanced sharp picture, right out of the box. 4K content fed to the JVC. Click for a 1000 pixel wide image.

I've also done some sharpness/detail experiments putting the DLA-RS4910 projector up against the $15,000, true 4K Sony VPL-VW600ES.  I'll tell you that 4K shift 3 definitely does not look 4K compared to the Sony.  It looks nice try, but....  That is when I'm viewing 4K content on both. 1080p:  Watching the JVC using fairly high settings on 4K Eshift3 is interesting going up against low settings of Reality Creation on the VW600ES.  I've got some closeups for comparison that you'll be able to check out in the review.  Hey, I can't give away everything I've learned so far. Of course the DLA-RS4910 has creative frame interpolation, 3D, and a number of other "dynamic" features.  The 2:1 power zoom lens offers up Lens Memory abilities, great if you want to go with a Cinemasope shaped wide screen. Really nice, definitely abetter viewing experience than I anticipated, and I was expecting pretty good.  Stay tuned.

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