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JVC DLA-RS60 Projector - a quick first look

Greetings to all you home theater projector fans, and especially JVC projector fans... This isn't great news about the new JVC DLA-RS60 (specs), or at least our RS60 review. We're delayed.  It would seem our review unit has a problem, or, at least, that's our belief.  I've been in email discussions with JVC, and we've agreed, that most likely, there's an issue, and that Mike and I aren't actually paranoid.  It will ship back to them on Monday. The problem - is primarily lumens.   Mike picked it up, for measurements and calibration.  This projector should be brighter, or so we believe. Most previously reviewed JVC projectors (except for the old, and least bright RS2), have measured from low 600 lumens to 800 or so, over the years.  All of those projectors but the RS2, claimed 900 lumens. This new DLA-RS60, Mike could not get to measure more than mid 500 lumens (lens at wide angle), in any mode, and this projector claims 1300 lumens about a 40% increase over its predecessors. Hopefully it's just a bad lamp, and we can resume.  JVC will look it over.  I'll let you know what they tell me, and what's next, when I hear back from them mid-week. Beyond that, let me say, overall, it looks like another JVC projector, that is -  color is great, black levels are outstanding.  3D was fun, but totally dim, A friend found it so dim, combined with the dim look of Alice in Wonderland, that she gave up less than half way in, and demanded a nice, bright 2D to finish out the movie.  She liked 3D, just - too dim.  We'll see how this all works out, soon enough  -art

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