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JVC DLA-RS6710 - Best 2D Projector? JVC vs. LS10000 comparison next

Greetings all you fans of home theater projectors.   I've been behind the curve on keeping you informed with this blog.  This blog is just a few more comments on this JVC, and to tell you that we're going to be doing an RS6710 vs. Epson LS10000 comparison in the next month or so.

JVC DLA-RS6710 - At over $12,000 possibly the best 2K projector that costs less than a Tesla.

The JVC DLA-RS6710, which was lent to us by the good folks at AV Science, for a little longer than a week, certainly didn't disappoint.  Lots of projectors come through my theater, and I admit I haven't purchased a new one in half a decade, but the one I do own is the old JVC DLA-RS20.  It had the best black levels money could buy back in its day, and can still do battle with all but one or two of today's best that aren't other JVC projectors. In truth I rarely fire it up any more, but just it sitting there when I'm using other projectors is a reminder to me, that while the differences between good projectors is often minor on daytime or bright scenes, on extremely dark scenes, it really separates the great from the good - by substantial margins.
DLA-RS6710U Lucy's Eyes

JVC DLA-RS6710 Projector - Scarlett Johannson's eyes - from Lucy

Which brings me back to the DLA-RS6710 and it's almost identical twins - JVC's RS67 and the X900R.   They have, hands down, the best black levels you have ever seen, or rather not seen! I concluded in the review that this JVC is simply the best 2D projector out there.  True, I don't get to compare it to $50,000 and $80,000 3 chip DLP's which definitely have some advantages, but none of those will challenge this JVC on those dark scenes. As I point out in the review, this is a purist's projector, but once it strays from straight 2D, other projectors show their strengths.  Most interesting should be the RS6710 vs Epson LS10000 comparison I'm working on.
LS10000 front beauty photo

Epson's Dual Blue Laser LS10000 Projector with 4K compatibility

The dual Laser Epson has some extremely good black levels - without any dynamic iris, probably rivaling those of the entry level JVC's (which are also great at blacks).  The Epson's a bit brighter, and seems to have better 3D.     Another area of comparison is dealing with 4K, where Epson assures us that the LS10000 will work with Blu-ray UHD, and where the JVC lacks the HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 that the now established Blu-ray UHD spec now calls for.  Ron, my most technical blogger just posted his blog summarizing the new UHD specs.  For those of you technically minded, it seems a very complete overview.

Epson LS10000 Dual Laser Projector - 1080p - Scarlett Johannson's eye's - from the film Lucy

So give me a couple of weeks, for an in depth comparison.  And I've got extra video clips for our subscribers as well.  Two great projectors - one perhaps more future proof than the other...  I could live with either for the next couple of years.  BTW, the key difference between these two images of Lucy's eyes, is the exposure, the Epson is slightly more overexposed than the JVC.  It's always tough to get comparison images exactly the same. It's report time - finally.   Because I felt that this year's big report needed to include the late arriving JVC, our annual Best Home Theater Projectors Report has been delayed until June.  In this report we'll give out our annual Best In Class awards.  Stay tuned! Separately, we're now within a month of launching our new website -  I hope you'll check it out, as we review smart devices, and systems. After all:  "Home automation started in the home theater."  -art

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