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JVC Pro Launches The DLA-RS67 Home Theater Projector at CEDIA 2013

JVC, as many of you know, has both  Pro and  Consumer divisions that offer the same home theater projectors through different dealers, so with that in mind,

JVC DLA-RS67 Home Theater Projector - Awesome Black Levels, 3D and lots more.

let's talk briefly about the JVC DLA-RS67, the flagship home theater projector from the Pro group.  Shortest version:  It's a 1300 lumen claimed 3D capable projector for $11,999 that comes with 2 pair of 3D glasses and an RF emitter for them.  The RS67 projector is slightly brighter than last years' projector model, and it's got a dynamic iris to further improve its world class black level performance.   But... To the best of anyone's knowledge, the only real difference between the JVC DLA-RS67 and it's equivalent in the Consumer lineup is the color of the lens ring and other trim.  And with that in mind, there really is no need to point out all the new wonderful things about the JVC RS67, when I just blogged about  it's twin.   So, other than that brief introduction, to learn a great deal more about what's in the DLA-RS67, and how good it almost certainly is, visit this DLA-X900R blog. Thanks! -art

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