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JVC RS60 - one extra day's Delay - Thank FedX

Greetings everyone, Well for those waiting for the JVC DLA-RS60 (specs) review, we lost a day getting the unit back to JVC to be checked out. So all you folk out there give a round of thanks to Fedex - here's the scoop! We had put in a request for a pickup, as usual. They didn't show. OK, stuff happens, but this time it turns out, it's systemic. They have a confirmation number system, but we didn't get one. We didn't know we needed one, considering the Fedex site's Shipping page shows: "Pick Up Requested". Well we called up to complain, and get this, "it's a website problem". so we, and no doubt thousands of others who use their online system for a pickup will have this happen "once in a while". (first time for us). A supervisor basically said, things like this take months and committees to fix. Still, very annoying. Fedex is losing its touch, if that's their attitude. Give'm hell for me if you get the chance. Well, sorry to waste your time with this but I figured I owed Fedex one!  I'm sure JVC will have a look at it, and I expect to have something to tell you by the weekend, - another unit coming, or changed out lamp, or "Art's crazy".  I'll keep you posted. -art

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