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Meet Pete - Our Gaming Projector Blogger - Gamers Welcome!

Greetings All, I would like to tell you about a new blog launching on our site in the next few days.  More importantly, t0  tell you we've got an expert to blog on the topic of gaming and projectors. Gaming!  As we all know, one popular aspect of owning a projector at home is that you can not only watch movies, sports, TV, but also play games.  Games and gamers, come in all types and complexity.  In almost all cases, game playing is a much better experience thanks to the greater immersion, when filling say, a 100" diagonal image, instead of some  37" LCDTV or a portable game machine.  Of course, if you are mobile, pico projectors for your gaming? I've always wanted to answer the gamers who regularly email me, comment on blogs, etc., with good advice regarding gaming and what to look for in a projector, for the best gaming experience.  One problem only:   I am not a gamer.  Oh, I have a Wii, and a PS3 (and an XBox) but they don't get much use.  Oh, Carbon Canyon auto racing a few hours every couple of months  (I play Risk occasionally online too, but that's low def, simple), and on occasion, Wii sports.   Playing Wii, though, on my screen - is something!  But I'm strictly entry level as a gamer. So I went out, and found one.  Well, possibly two, but that's a story for a later blog. Meet Pete.  Mostly I'll let him tell you his story, but Peter is one serious gamer, and he owns a projector.  He tells me he used to compete on the national level until he had to focus on his college education.  He may be more into gaming than me, but we do have one thing in common, it seems:  We Are - Penn State! So, this is how things will happen. I'm going to post his first blog on my blog, here, in the next hour or so. Better news still.  Pete will also be reviewing certain projectors strictly for their gaming ability.  In most cases, that will mean a real section on gaming added to a number of home theater projector reviews, as well as a new breed of lower cost gaming projector.  I hope Pete to have his first review of a projector from the gamer's perspective done in May.  He currently owns an Epson home theater projector (fyi).   Finally, He also plans to blog about specific games.  Pete thinks too many of us don't get to be aware of some great games out there, among the less commercial game titles. Pete's blog is now open for business (as of 4-25-11), check it out:  Bitbound - A Gamer's Blog And one more item.  I've got two other gamers I've also been speaking with.  We could add even more. So, I'm sure many of you have at least tried some sort of game on your home theater projector, or are interested in some gaming when you get your first projector.  All of you, welcome Pete on board! OK, it won't be long now.  Gamers are Welcome!  Let Projectors Rule Your World!  -art

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