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Mitsubishi HC3800 Home Theater Projector - Update

Greetings all, This is a quick blog, with only two things to discuss. I received a full production HC3800 last week, and have been enjoying it.   I sent it out to Mike, who calibrated it.  As expected the color tables (firmware) have been updated since our review based on the engineering sample.  As a result, the original grayscale balance settings reported are not suitable for the units everyone is buying now.  The review has been updated, and now has the new R, G, and B color contrast and brightness settings on the HC3800 projector calibration page. The color accuracy is now even better than before, with the color temp numbers even tighter, and the spike in color temp we saw in the sample (around 90 IRE) is no longer significant.  Also the gamma with the new HC3800 is also more consistent, and closer to the ideal 2.2 than the sample. Bottom line, the HC3800 just got better!  Of course we've reviewed some interesting competitors since the original review - including the Epson Home Cinema 8100 and Panasonic PT-AE4000, but how those stack up will be dealt with in the newer reviews, in their competitors sections. Item number two, is a report that early HC3800's sometimes shut down for no apparent reason, when on for relatively short periods of time, often minutes, and sometimes hours. Mitsubishi is aware of this situation, and I've been catching up on the forums to read what early owners are experiencing.  I was just made aware of the issue over the Thanksgiving  holiday weekend, so have no answers for anyone yet.  I did however send emails to my primary product management contacts, in the last 48 hours and have already heard back from the person I had hoped to hear from. He advises that he will try to get back to me late tomorrow (Monday, 11/30), with more information.  As a result, I'll do a separate blog on the premature shut-off problem tomorrow, or, quite possibly, the following day, in case he's overly optimistic about having a full answer tomorrow.  With luck, we'll know if all the new inbound HC3800 projectors have eliminated the problem, whether dealers have stock of the "new" versions, and how they will handle upgrading anyone experiencing this problem with their existing HC3800. As many of you know, I just love to "meddle" when such problems to crop up.  I like making sure the manufacturers are fully aware of the extent of such problems, and that they commit quickly to a cure.  We shall see, but it definitely looks like Mitsubishi will deal swiftly with this one.  Hang in there, and we'll know soon enough. Finally, interestingly enough, neither my original sample, or the one I received last week exhibit the shut-off problem.  I logged dozens of hours on the first one, and so far, and there's now 28 hours on the full production HC3800 projector.  -art

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