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Mitsubishi Quits Projectors

That' the news here in the US.  I was informed this morning that Mitsubishi is exiting the front projector business.  When I was being told, I first figured they were talking only about home theater projectors, but no, it covers all their business and education projectors as well. It's not too surprising when a company exits home theater projectors only, such as InFocus has done in the US, but the business  and education projector market is about 20 times the size, so exits are rare.  Further, Mitsubishi has had one of the most extensive lineups of projectors, with roughly 40 different models.  Bye bye! True, Mitsubishi hasn't introduced many home projectors in the last couple of years.  They dabbled with LCoS with the HC9000 that used Sony SXRD panels, and last year came out with a pair of DLP projectors, the similar HC7900 and HC8000.  Other than that, they've been selling the same old entry level HC4000 DLP home projector for about 4 years. So, we say farewell to Mitsubishi's projector business, and shed a tear for the lost advertising revenues as well.  Mitsubishi has been one of our most consistent advertisers for the last 8 years, so financially, that's a real hit for Projector Reviews, as well as for other publishers in our space. Anyone want to start up a projector company?  We certainly could use a replacement advertiser!  -art

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