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My JVC RS20 has landed! Psst: Anyone want to buy a used RS1?

Greetings all, A number of you expressed interest in my RS1, when I first mentioned in a blog over a month ago, that if the RS20 lived up to it's hype, that I'd probably buy one. Well, the RS20 certainly did, and my brand new RS20 arrived on Thursday.  Haven't finely calibrated it yet, but I did drop in our post calibration settings from the RS20 review unit, and I put them side by side.  In terms of color, black levels, overall picture, the two are virtually identical.  And that is to say  OUTSTANDING! And that brings us back to my RS1.  Since I got emails or blog comments with interest in it from at least a half dozen folks, I've been trying to figure out how to sell it off, in a fair way. I've also set the price.  I don't want a bidding war.  (too much hassle, and, no doubt, hard feelings). Because of almost 1500 hours on the lamp (+/- I haven't looked lately), I just purchased a replacement lamp for it. I will install the new lamp, put 0 - 75 hours on it (depending on the buyer's preference), and then calibrate it.  Because the RS1 is inherently very good, and the color controls somewhat limited, I figure a few hours should be put on the lamp - at least 20-25 as a burn in, before doing the adjustment.  The old lamp will be shipped with the projector as a spare.  Afterall, it should be good for at least 500 extra hours, when the time comes. OK, here's the deal: 1. Price:  $2500 includes: RS1, (original box) remote (of course).  This will include UPS or Fedex 3 day delivery on the projector - the lamp will ship separately in it's own box, via ground UPS or Fedex.  If the buyer want's overnight or 2nd day, no problem, they just pay the difference. 2. Status:  As mentioned above, I will install the new lamp, burn it in for the amount of time you specify, and have our usual basic calibration done.  I'll have to pull the invoice, but if I recall correctly I bought the RS1 mid April or early May 2006.  That means you'll receive the remainder of the two year JVC warranty.  Figure something between 5 and 10 weeks worth.   The projector has been 100% problem free. 3. Post sale - I'll be happy to communicate via email, and will be happy to spend, say 20 minutes discussing your new RS1 in your setup, to answer your questions to the best of my ability. 4. Selecting the buyer (assuming there is more than one person ready to go):  I really expect at least 3-4 people to immediately respond with interest (based on emails to date), so I figure I'll make the decision this way: a)  I slightly prefer an out of state buyer (I'm in California), simply because of the headache with sales tax, however, in state will not rule someone out.  In fact, if the person is "local" - that is, they will come down to San Clemente, CA to pick it up, I like that idea.  Shipping to someone in California, or someone picking it up here, I will have to charge sales tax - no exceptions.  Current rate is 7.75% here. No sales tax will be charged if I am shipping out of state.  Of course, as those of you who are Californian's probably know, our Governator and tax and our spend legislature, are very likely to tack on an extra 1% to 1.25% with the modified budget, within the next couple of weeks.  (How's that for creating a sense of urgency - not that an extra $25+ is a big deal.)  If the person that buys it, changes their mind, there will be a 15% "restocking fee".  Most of that will be used to cover shipping, credit card fees (seller's get charged both ways - on the sale, and on the return, so that alone can be up to 7%).  If you aren't absolutely sure you want it, spare us both the aggravation, please. b)  Payment:  I prefer to keep things simple - and that translates to a credit card payment (MC/Visa must ship to the billing address, Amex can ship elsewhere, if approved by Amex (easy to do).  I will accept a check (I'll want faxed copy of good id, ie. a Driver's license, etc. and will only ship to the address on the License, and matching check.  As a dealer for years, and many thousands of projectors sold, I've been burned enough times... so sorry for the minor inconvenience.  Cash:  Well the government says I have to accept cash, so that is an option too!  (I like cash, it's useful in Las Vegas when I go up there for tradeshows!)  I would only accept cash if the person is picking it up here.  (BTW, my wife works part time at BofA, and can spot a counterfeit bill with barely a glance.  (OK, I figure I've now scared off all the hard core criminals.) c)  Tie breaker: I'd like to know basic information on the buyer's room, viewing preferences, etc.  I'd like to find it a "good home".  That is, if the room and viewing preferences aren't a good match...  So tell me (just) a little about your mix of movies to HDTV and sports, your level of lighting control, etc. OK, watch, now that I've put together all of these criteria, no one will respond. DO NOT respond to this blog!!!  If you are interested, email me at   Please do not call me.  After I see how this plays out, I'll email back, and I'll be happy to talk at that time. I hope to have this all decided by the end of next week (that would be 2/20) if possible. Finally, before you ask,  Sure, I'll be happy to autograph the projector in gold marker for a large extra fee. (Hmm, I like that - "The Art of Home Theater Projectors" - Signature series or "The Art Feierman  Signature series".  (catchy?) OK, I'm having too much fun here, time to get back to the big report. Racers - Start your Engines!  -art

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