New Home Theater Projectors for my Birthday

Greetings all,

Well, I”m buried in new home theater projectors.  Tomorrow really kicks off the college football season, so I’ll likely start with one (BenQ W6000) for the first game of the day – Penn State vs. Akron (go PSU), and switch into two other projectors during the day, before a bunch of friends arrive for a barbeque birthday (with football) bash in the backyard.

OK, here’s what’s coming.  I’ll be busy blogging later today, and on Sunday.

Late Tonight – probably (I also have to do a full photoshoot):

Mitsubishi HC3800 – $1499 MAP – 1080p DLP projector – most impressive, and that’s based on the one here, which is only an engineering sample.  I have to overnight it back tomorrow, so they can use it at CEDIA (first ship date – late October, I’m told).

and possibly:

Epson Home Cinema 8100, and Home Cinema 8500UB (if not tonight – then sunday).  I don’t have any of these here, but got a look at them at a meeting at Epson last week.

On Sunday:  BenQ W6000 (MAP $2799).  I’ve just fired the W6000 up, and it definitely looks like a worthy successor to the W5000, which I have regarded highly – runner-up Best in Class award – in the March 1080p comparison review.

OK, I can’t mention anything more than it’s name or model number, since news about it, is embargoed until the official launch on Sept 9th, but I also have the Sony VPL-HW15 here (looks like under $3K).

I’ve been working with the VPL-HW15 for more than a week.  It is my intent, and I’m 98% certain, that the full review will publish on September 9th, when I’m allowed to post it.  I could tell you a lot more now, but then I’d be in trouble, so hang in there for 5 more days!

So, bottom line, over the next 5 days, I’ll be talking about the BenQ W6000, the Mitsubishi HC3800, the new Epson lineup, including the Home Cinema 705HD, the Home Cinema 8100, and the Home Cinema 8500UB.  I may also be able to talk about the new InFocus SP8602, and a couple of others.

That folks is the story.  And, btw, no need to send birthday presents, unless someone out there has a working, lossless, wireless HDMI 1.3 solution!  -art

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  • Ryan

    Happy birthday!

  • paul heimbuch

    Great site. Really appreciate all the great info. Do you know if Panasonic will introduce a successor to the PT-AE3000U? I’m waiting to buy until I know. That would be one great projector for the money if they can improve on it at the same price point. Do you like the ability to do the 2.35:1 memory lens shift on the 3000 or do you think it is too much of a compromise? Would really appreciate your feedback on this feature. It’s one of the main reasons I like this projector.

    • Hi, See my blog today about the Panny, – basically no one seems to know, but the lack of announcement in the US at Cedia doesn’t bode well. I figure there are three possibilities: 1. They announce it soon, and it’s just another typical year, with a new model. 2. They pass completely on it, and we don’t see a new Panny for a year. 3. For some reason or other, they have a compelling reason not to announce now (such as have a boatload of PT-AE3000’s to still move), and then might start selling it end of year, or more likely Q1 of next year.

      As of right now, option 1, looks to be almost off the table. They could just basically just start selling them, but the lack of announcement at CEDIA, and with their major dealers that I speak with, in the same boat as me – having heard nothing, makes that unlikely. Whether they are sitting on a pile of AE3000’s or, perhaps, can buy more AE3000’s for a much better price than the AE4000’s, and think they can do better with the AE3000, or some other reason, I figure if we ever see a 4000, it will be at least 4 months out. Still, that’s pure guesswork.

  • Richard


    Please post ALL of the Sony VPL-HW15’s calibration settings, to include the RGB settings, in your review.

    I need them.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Sorry about that. It was done before posting. Somehow the original template apparently got uploaded and wiped out the finished page. I’ll try to get those up this evening. It’s an easy page to do. -art