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New Home Theater Projectors I won't get for my Birthday

I'm back.  Should have included this in the last blog. While BenQ, Sony, Optoma, and others have sent me projectors for my birthday (yeah, I have to give them back), here are a couple of folks who won't be enriching the celebration: Sanyo.  Best I can tell, Sanyo is not attending CEDIA this year, and best I've been able to learn, has no new models planned for the remainder of the year.  I've heard some talk about "refreshing" some models, which I take to mean minor improvements (would be nice), but, as of right now, it looks like the fall lineup for Sanyo will be these same three projectors:  PLV-Z3000, PLV-Z700, PLV-Z60. Of course any price drops makes all of them better projectors, and perhaps in a better competitive situation for the fall. Panasonic:  Panasonic is even more challenging.  I really don't have a "straight answer", but I'm not expecting to see anything new from them either (maybe they'll surprise us all). Still, if there's a PT-AE4000 in the works, I can't find out anything about it. Ditto for a replacement for the 720p PT-AX200U. Update:  Readers have commented, that Panasonic just unveiled the PT-AE4000 at a show in Europe.  No word on whether a PT-AX200U replacement was announced there! While I'm on a roll, I've previously mentioned this evening's blog on the Mitsubishi HC3800.  The HC3800, which is DLP home theater projector, is the replacement for the HC5500 which is, I believe now discontinued.  (At least I've heard they are hard to find.)  Worry not about HC5500's  The HC3800 looks to be a better projector overall. Mitsubishi also has in the works an HC6800 to replace the HC6500.  Not sure if we'll see a replacement for their top of the line HC7000, nor do I have any intel on whether there's a new model to replace the HC1600 their 720p DLP projector. OK.  Hope that helps.  While we are seeing Sanyo without new stuff, and some Panasonic may be questionable (as to when), we do have other competition.  Vivitek is making its move, and we'll be reviewing their $999 late this month or early next.  BenQ has their W1000 (high on my list, too) so they will have a 3 1080p projector lineup, up from their usual two.  And finally InFocus is back, with their new SP8602, which should be shipping in two months or less.  I'm told I'll receive one in about 2 weeks or so.  All in all, looks like roughly the same number of new projectors to review this fall, as last year...  which means no more real vacations for me, until the spring!  -art

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