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New Home Theater Projectors - Review Activity Update

UPDATE: The BenQ W6000 and  Mitsubishi HC3800 projector reviews have been posted. Greetings! OK, here's the lastest.  Lots of new home theater projectors to review, the next couple of months! BenQ W6000:  Almost done!  While I still may post this weekend, the review will not be fully finished.  To properly finish the W6000 (an otherwise excellent projector, but with a dynamic iris that definitely can stand some reworking). I'm waiting for some real feedback from BenQ (hopefully Monday, they tell me).  I've been discussing the DI with BenQ.  They have noted my comments about the DI, and are talking to the engineers in Taiwan.  They said they'll get back to me on Monday, hopefully with word of a fix in the works.  What they do about the DI will be the difference between a good and a great projector.  With the DI turned off, (by those who may find it occasionally annoying), the black levels will leave much to be desired, so the path they take is critical to how really good the W6000 is. Mitsubishi HC3800.  It's back from Cedia, arrived today.   That full review will follow the W6000, with a target of next weekend, perhaps even sooner, as I've pretty much completed most viewing, and mostly have to finish the photo shoot, and a few last looks. InFocus ScreenPlay 8602 projector: Yes, for those who asked, the InFocus ScreenPlay 8602 has arrived, delivered via Product Manaer. I've already fired it up.  Needs some tweaking of color, but initially looks very good.  This is an engineering sample (not even a "pre-production" projector, so not every feature operates.  Still, should provide for an excellent assessment of the SP8602's overall performance.  If there are any significant issues, InFocus has promised a full production unit when they start shipping, which is likely in the 3 - 6 week timeframe). That should get me through the rest of September, and to mid October.  After that, it looks like several weeks of Epson reviews - hey, they have the biggest lineup.  I expect the new Mitsubishi HC6800 in in October, as well. Before beginning of November, I should have the Epson's in for review, and hopefully two of them finished:  The 8100 and 8500UB.  The just announced today - 705HD (hey, see, someone has actually launched a new 720p projector this season), will be later.   Epson also announced a new MovieMate today, the MovieMate 60, which I'd like to review, especially since I never got around to its predecessor the MovieMate 55, and Epson's Moviemate series of all in one projectors has been selling rather well. Hmm, also high on the list for Oct and November, are:  the $999 Vivitek and $999 BenQ, and the Optoma HD8600. And of course the new JVC's will be high priority as well.  With luck I'll also have in a projectiondesign projector, for late Nov, or early December, and perhaps a Digital Projection projector as well.  That should give the folks with lots of money, a couple of interesting reads! That's about it, for now.  Except for any of you who happen to own a sports bar.  I just plugged in the Epson Z8000 their flagship WUXGA business projector  (which Mike is reviewing) - dual lamp and zillions of lumens - (ok, only 6000) but I've got a Georgia Tech, Miami Thursday Night Football game on, the sun's still up, and I have almost every window in my room open with sunlight pouring in.  The projector hardly notices it.  Projecting about 115" diagonal, it's brighter than a typical LCDTV or plasma!   (perhaps I should hang on to it for my superbowl party.)  We're talking wall melting lumens here.  I turned on my JVC RS20 at the same time, and you could barely tell it was on.  -art

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