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New Projectors at CEDIA 2014

Greetings and aplogies projector fans, only half information for you. A family emergency caused me to fly out early Friday morning after only one day at CEDIA. Due to that, I had to cancel more meetings than I attended, and the last day, I walk the show, and see even more new "stuff." I didn’t get to meet with Sony and some others. The good news is Ron, who reviews biz/edu projectors, should have hooked up with Sony for that meeting. He therefore should have info to report about the new Sony, so let’s start with how little I know about it.  Truth is, I haven't even been on my site since I left CEDIA  until just now. Sony announced the VPL-VW300ES at IFA. I believe it is plugging into the lineup as a replacement for the aging VPL-VW95ES. It’s $6999 EU, I believe. If that’s right, then based on previous products like the VW500ES in Europe, vs VW600ES, I’d expect the US price to be between $8999 and $9999?   Pure guesswork! The VW300ES should be an entry level 4K projector. I’m stumped after that.   Ron, however, was paying attention to it’s announcement at IFA show in the EU. Here’s the thing, first thing Ron heard was that the VW300ES was not coming to the US (nor the same projector under a different model name, since, for example the VW500ES in the EU is the same as the VW600ES in the US). But later on, he got conflicting info saying that it would arrive in the US in Q1 2015   Hopefully Ron will be able to get the straight scoop, today. Next – Update on the Epson Pro Cinema LS10000. Epson had one being demo’d in the usual pitch black room, at CEDIA. For 4K that had much the same limited content as I have at my place – provided by RED.   But they did have some additional, that I saw for the first time – including some great airborne night footage taken of NYC. The interesting thing is I do believe the engineering sample I have, looks sharper than the one they were demoing. I would expect full production units to be at least as sharp as the one I have. Big disappointment: Nothing new from JVC. The same three projectors with e-shift remain in the lineup for another year. I haven’t yet confirmed but JVC may be phasing out the entry level X35. I visited JVC’s suite across the street from the convention center (pro group) but didn’t get to see the consumer group folks with their booth on the main convention floor. Still, if one side isn’t bringing out new projectors, neither is the other side. Runco was showing their LS12D, and apparently had one set up for demo in someone else’s booth, but I intended to see it Friday. The LS12D is basically the same projector as the LS10D which I reviewed a couple/3 years ago. The exciting change: The LS12D has 3D. No sign of BenQ, Optoma, or Vivitek at the show. While they all make lots of home projectors, none of them are very dependent at all on CEDIA type dealers, especially since those Taiwanese companies line-ups are mostly under $2000 projectors so they tend to save their big guns – new announcements until the Consumer Electronics Show in January. That’s all I’ve got from the show. I’ll do another post this week after I talk to the folks I couldn’t meet with because I had to quit the show a day early. -art

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