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Next Up A First Look at the JVC DLA-RS25, PT-AE4000 Update... Video

UPDATE: The JVC DLA-RS25 review has been posted! Greetings people! Ok, as usual, I'm a bit behind the curve.  I'm in the midst of the competitors page for the Epson review, and have some additional images showing the Epson tackling a pretty decent amount of ambient light, for sports viewing. And yes, for those of you waiting, I have been working with the Optoma HD8600, a DLP, a bit higher end, with optional interchangeable lenses.  Unfortunately, there are a few projectors I have prioritized higher due to wider audience.  I'll get back to it in a couple of weeks. Panasonic just let me know they're hand delivering a PT-4000 next Friday.  They'll be flying out of NJ hq.  (Hand delivering pre-production units as seemed to be more the rule, than the exception, these last couple of years.) That works out to Nov 6th.  That will be the highest priority.  The JVC will be done before it arrives, and I'll get right to the Panny PT-AE4000.  I promise no more than 1 week to complete it, barring some life crisis. Yes, I'll follow that in a couple three days with a head to head between the PT-AE4000 and the Epson Home Cinema 8500UB. Hey you guys are smart, you'll have it figured out from the reviews before I get it done, but ya keep asking, and asking... The JVC arrived, and Mike started calibrating it yesterday.  He emailed me earlier today, saying he was really having fun and wanted to try something or other - could he keep it until tomorrow?  Well, nice guy that I am... I am looking forward to the JVC RS25.  I'm pretty darn happy with my  own JVC RS20 but for the lack of more lumens in brightest mode, but always up for something better.  I'm most curious to see what JVC has squeezed out of the RS25. What's really "scary" though, is that I asked if the DLA-RS35 was clearly superior to the DLA RS25.  Now the JVC RS35, is essentially, according to JVC, units built with the same components as the RS25's but with hand picked components and higher quality control. I was told, yes, it really does make a difference.   So, while the RS25 will no doubt be the hot one, in terms of sales (at least $2K less), I need to get my hands on one of those RS35's for sure. I'm still awaiting, for a Sony VPL-VW85, too, and waiting.  I see one of the print pubs has looked at it, so maybe they'll have one for me soon.  They were great getting me an early VPL-HW15, which reviewed very well. Oh yeah, fun stuff.  I'm spending tomorrow "filming" a short video - a video summary of the recent Mitsubishi HC3800.  We offer to do these for any projector we review (for a nice fee).  The video goes on the site.   As they say "good work when you can get it."  (This is only our second.)  Anyway, a sweet projector and I'm going to have fun. Besides the 4-5 minute video summary, the real fun part is doing a 90 second teaser for it, which we'll put up on YouTube.  I've decided to, well, it isn't finalized, I'm probably going to wing it when we do the shoot.  Hopefully, not too many takes.  Let's just say, it's informal. OK, that's it, I do want to work on the competitors section some more tonight.  -art

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