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October and November Home Theater Projector Reviews Scheduled

UPDATE: The Epson Pro Cinema 9500UB and JVC DLA-RS25 projector reviews have been posted! OK everyone, this is just a quick heads up, As usual it's crunch time in the projector review world as most new home theater projectors tend to ship each year, between September and January. It's getting exciting.  Here's what's up: Although I barely got started on my review of the new Optoma HD8600, I'm going to delay that one a bit, and finish it as I can. The Epson Pro Cinema 9500UB has arrived, and it top priority.  The full Epson projector review should post on Oct 21! (I think I can actually make that self imposed deadline!) BTW, I just looked at Mike's calibration numbers for the Epson Pro Cinema 9500UB, and they look as tight (to D65) as any projector I've ever seen, post calibration (based on the THX mode). Immediately following the Epson review, will be my review of the new JVC RS25. (This is cool since it means that, on back to back weeks, I'm reviewing the newest versions of the projectors I personally own - the JVC DLA-RS20 and the Epson Home Cinema 1080UB.)  Target date for the JVC DLA-RS25 - aka JVC HD950 - to publish, is Oct 28th. That means I'll have side by sides, showing the black level differences between the 200,000:1 contrast Epson (using a dynamic iris), against the 50,000:1 JVC (with no dynamic iris). By the time the JVC RS25 posts, I hope to have received the PT-AE4000 for review, which is my third top priority projector.  If it isn't here by then, I'll likely finish up the Optoma HD8600, and start on the Mitsubishi HC6800. OK, now I'm into November.  Assuming all of those are done, it then comes down to when I can get some other projectors in.  I'm hoping for the BenQ W1000 at $999, and the Vivitek HD1080FD (same price) - I'm waiting for an updated version, as Vivitek, who has sent out at least one sample, indicated that it the sample wasn't ready for prime time, and would have one with new firmware, for me shortly. Also for early November, I'll get back in a production InFocus ScreenPlay 8602, and finish that review.  Hopefully, by then I'll also receive a Sony VPL-VW85, which I'm pretty excited about.  As many of you know, I've definitely favored the JVC over the Sony when it comes to these LCoS projectors, but the VPL-VW85 looks particularly formidable this year!  We shall see. That should pretty much cover the next month and a half, afterall, 1 per week is my absolute best time, and I prefer 10 days average.  (So if they all show up, that probably takes me close to mid-december. Other projectors on my short list:  the JVC RS15, and if they come through, one of the Digital Projection projectors (with LED light source), but that's iffy.  I'm also very curious about the RS35 JVC, which supposedly is a souped up RS25 with hand picked components.  I don't even know if they would actually have a review unit of it.  The RS35 quotes higher contrast than the RS25. With virtually no new 720p projectors announced this fall, and Sanyo not announcing any home theater projectors, the list overall, is shorter this year, which may give me time to bring in and review a few more expensive projectors. OK, that's the scoop.  Time to fire up the Epson Pro Cinema 9500UB, and take it for a ride!  Look for the First Look blog on the Pro Cinema 9500UB and Home Cinema 8500UB tomorrow evening!  -art

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