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OMG - SONY shows VPL-VW1000ES 4K Home Theater Projector

OK sports fans - and movie fans, HDTV fans, and even Discovery HD fans... I just left the Sony Press conference, (9/7) the evening before the CEDIA show floor opens for the masses. The VPL-VW1000ES is the first - and (you know how I love the term) IMPRESSIVE 4K Home theater projector. I saw a clip of the new Spiderman on it... Geez, all I need now is them to ship me one, so I can forget to send it back. I wasn't paying attention to the details, such as black levels, or even color accuracy. That I got to watch 4K content, on a 4K projector, at a distance/screen size roughly comparable to what I watch everyday Blu-ray and HDTV 1080p (roughly 2K), warmed my heart. OK, no idea of price, but the also announced VPL-VW95ES (replacement for the VW90ES) is likely right around $10K so the VPL-VW1000ES will certainly be a lot more. How much more will the VPL-VW1000ES cost you ask? (I write that so I don't get 168 people emailing and commenting and speculating.) They won't say, but tomorrow opens the show floor and they will announce it there. $15K (probably low?) $20K - $25K (probably?), or more... Don't worry about it. I will post the magic number from the show tomorrow or the next day. I said this should be a great CEDIA for projectors, weeks ago, and now that Im here, it looks even better... Stay tuned! Did I mention that Sony is also showing a 3D headset display (you know - glasses that you put on that are 3D? Low res versions have been around for years. These Sony's though are 3D and use their OLED panels (organic LEDs). Very cool. But don't ask me any more about them. RonJ will be blogging about them, as we both attended the press conference. So, check out his blog (find the link in the blogs section on the homepage. Ron's an engineer by trade, and actually cares about why things perform the way they do. I count on him to set me straight on such things. These glasses are right up his alley, although I too, want a pair... With a little luck he'll be reviewing a pari next month when they become available. The coolest thing about them: Full HD 1920x1080, not the 320x24o type resolution glasses that have been around for years. More blogs to come from CEDIA! -art

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