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Optoma HD33 3D Projector Review In Process

Optoma HD33 projector

Optoma HD33 - lowest cost 3D capable 1080 projector

UPDATE: The Optoma HD33 projector review is now posted! Greetings all! Following up on yesterday's brief blurb, the HD33 from Optoma, a $1499 1080p projector enters the market as the least expensive 3D capable so far, with full HD resolution.   With the exception of their own slightly more expensive HD3300, it seems that all the other 3D capable projectors so far will cost you a minimum of $1000 - $1500 more. The HD33 may end up being a "twofer" for those into really high performance.   For example, some folks with budgets for big Sony's and JVC's - say upward of $6K, may decide that if they want 3D, it makes more sense to pick out the best 2D projector in their price range, PLUS buying a 3D projector like the HD33, for their 3D viewing pleasure, and maybe even sports since the HD33 is still brighter in 2D as well! After all, all those expensive 3D projectors we've seen so far, offer only tolerable brightness in 3D.  (yeah, a lot of you folks are defending the low brightness, but not one of you, I'll bet, would say... if it was twice as bright, I'd have to turn it down).  Even those that have defended 3D projectors barely able to do the equivalent of 200 lumens in 2D (most can't even do that), admit "brighter would be better".  As you guys know, I bring a lot of non-home theater type friends through here, and, as a group, they don't have the inclination cut dim viewing any slack.  We who love our theaters are more tolerant than our wives and friends. Click here for specs and access to the HD33 data sheet. Back to the HD33 itself.  It's crunch time around here, so I didn't even unbox the projector.  I contacted Mike as soon as it arrived, and he's already picked it up, and calibrating it.  He'll bring it back tomorrow, and I'll get started with some serious 3D viewing and do the photos tomorrow night.  I really want to get this review out to all you folks by next Tuesday!  -art PS, a correction.  The new data sheets (and the box) indicate the HD33 should have no problem with both Blu-ray 3D content, and also standard 3D content from the likes of DirecTV.   That, we shall see.  I've got a lot of both types of content!   Not bad for $1499, with just about everything else between $3000 and $12,000!  -art

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