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Optoma HD71 Review Update

Looks like late this weekend before the review posts (too much fun on vacation and trade show). In my two days in between, I spent 6-7 more hours watching the HD71 in my viewing room.    Overall, I'm extremely impressed.  This is a great projector if you  must have some lighting on.  It cruised with low lighting, where my JVC (still pretty bright) would have me running to turn off most of it.   

Finally, we have here a serious alternative to the Panasonic PT-AX200U, for those looking for a bright projector.

This gives those that favor DLP a nice, bright alternative.

Overall, I found the color balance and skin tones to be very good, although I had to drop the color saturation a little. But, even slightly oversaturated, they look good, and that extra saturation comes in handy with some ambient lighting.

That's pretty much the gist of it. To me, it is a "on your short list" 720p projector. If it will work in your room from a placement standpoint, and you can live with a not especially quiet DLP projector (and DLP projectors tend to be the noisiest), it is an excellent value that should please most.

Optoma made a "gud-un". -art

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