Optoma HD8300 Home Theater Projector – Review just posted!

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Check it out.  HD8300 full projector review

Not bad at all, a good single chip DLP projector with really good color, and a couple of rough edges. -art

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  • Tommy Pedersen

    Dear Art.

    I’ve read the Optoma HD8300 review and i that you favor the Epson 8700UB in terms of black level performance. Also you don’t seem too like hold the optoma in very great regards.

    I’ve studied the shots of both projectors and in my eyes the optoma looks too best the Epson with blacker blacks.

    Optoma HD8300:
    Epson 8700UB:

    Optoma HD8300:
    Epson 8700UB:

    Optoma HD8300:
    Epson 8700UB:

    Please elaborate sir..Thank you.

    • Greetings Tommy,

      I sorted this out a while ago. Several factors are involved but one is the primary culprit. In the last year, since I shot the 8700UB images, we moved. The room I shoot in now, is all dark surfaces, whereas previously my testing room was medium dark, so that has some small effect. Also, I’ve gone from a Carada Brilliant White, to a Studiotek 130, which also would be responsible for a potential slight effect. But ulimately, it came down to one thing:

      Seems my Canon 60D dSLR simply has more dynamic range, and captures it better than my old Olympus e-volt510. The Olympus was a very nice dSLR, but that said, I was really surprised by how much the images improved, switching to the new camera beginning of this year. Blacks are measuring blacker, whites whiter – just more dynamic range in the newer photos. This is favoring images in new reviews over those done in Q4 of 2010, when we reviewed most of the last year’s “crop”.

      As to my thoughts about the HD8300. I actually like the projector a lot, but for 2 things (there is always at least something with every projector. First, they never manage to have a really smooth/effective dynamic iris. I’ve been bitching about theirs for several years. Oh, not bad, and many folks won’t notice, but I do not like seeing visible changes in brightness. Their lamp dimming was even worse. Still, without the lamp dimming engaged, the iris action isn’t that bad, it’s greatly improved from the early HD8200 projectors (I had recommended turning off the iris it annoyed me so much), but they updated later in the year, and the HD8300 seems to have the improved variation.

      The other item is the price. It’s a more refined projector than the BenQ W6000 in PQ, but it’s also twice the price. Even allowing for the local dealer pricing, it’s still a lot of money for a projector that’s over 2X the price of the Epson or Panasonic. I like the DLP look and feel, but not that much. I think the HD8300 would be a much better projector, either with a further improved iris, or a $2999 price tag. Or, more to the point, for those who want 3D, the probably $2999 street priced Epson or the PT-AE7000 which is $2999 street, offer far brighter 3D, something that is sorely needed.

      IN the right setup, for the right folks, the HD8300 has value. It just has a rough edge, that I can’t abide. For others, the general PQ may more than outweigh that. One thing I’ve learned, is that people are all over the place in terms of what combinations are acceptable. -art