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Optoma HD91 LED Home Theater Projector Review Published

Greetings projector folks, I'm pleased to let you know that the bulk of the Optoma HD91 projector review is now live.  This is a single chip DLP projector, claiming 1000 lumens, and an LED light source.  It has an impressive 1.9:1 manual zoom lens and a good amount of lens shift. The HD91 also does 3D, using RF glasses and an included, outboard very small emitter. optoma-hd91As you will find out in the report, the HD91 is rather interesting.  It's the best attempt at a reasonably affordable solid state light engine (LED in this case), for the home theater. Warning:  Out of the box the color is way off - in all modes, but it calibrates - cleans up, pretty nicely. After Mike's calibration I'm still not 100% happy with skin tones - but then with their larger color space, I figure the calibrating is a little tougher.  After chatting with Mike and taking some advice, I'm going to make some minor adjustments to his settings, try to eyeball, the small amount of improvement that the picture needs to look really good, and if successful, I'll publish those "modified" calibration settings shortly.

Bruce Willis in RED, Optoma HD91

The HD91 is not a really bright projector.  No mode that's really very watchable hits 1000 lumens, even with the zoom at wide angle, and calibrated it's 550 lumens or so at mid-zoom, make this projector best suited for small to medium screens in well controlled rooms. One plus though, is that while lamps in lamp projectors dim significantly - to 50% by the time you reach the rated lamp life, this 20,000 hour+ light engine won't have any significant dimming for many thousands of hours. Two other strengths - very sharp image, and quieter than most home theater projectors! HD91_ironman2_monacco_1 Optoma needs to work on it's lamp dimming - for more smoothness, or put in a good dynamic iris.  Blacks aren't as dark as I would like to see. Overall, as I said in the review, I like this projector. It's got some limitations, but with the HD91, the whole seems greater than the sum of the parts.  -art PS.  I now have a Sony VPL-HW40ES to review next, right after Infocomm which is next week!  Very interesting! I'm seriously considering doing a 4 way shoot out: BenQ W7500, Epson Home Cinema 5030UB, Optoma HD91 and Sony VPL-HW40ES.   Sounds like fun.

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