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Outstanding Projector of the Year - Sony VPL-VW1000ES

Greetings all,

Sony VPL-VW1000ES - a True 4K Projector for Home Theater

The title says it all! After almost 6 weeks with the Sony VPL-VW1000ES, first, I have say, no question:  The VPL-VW1000ES is definitely, by my taste, the best Home Theater - or perhaps I should say, Home Cinema projector I have had the opportunity to review.  Now, I confess, this is a $24,999 projector so expectations were high going in.  We've only reviewed a half dozen projectors to date, over $10,000, including this Sony, a couple of SIM2's and a few Runcos in the $20K+ range, but overall, none really compare, as good as they all are. First, you get true 4K capabilities, with true, 4K LCoS panels.  Right now, you can only view hi-res photos at 4K, but 4K is coming.  Sony, CNET says, is working with the Blu-ray folks to finalize a 4K standard so they can release the new Spiderman in 4K.   Then, there's 3D too. Blacks are stunning (iris based, but this projector can definitely go as black on blacks as any JVC, and probably better.  The projector calibrates really well, and produces almost 1200 lumens calibrated.  Now that's impressive and it translates to the ability to work with very large screens - say up to about 150" diagonal. So prep your home theater for a whole new level of performance.  Read the full review here. The review has lots of images taken of various movies and other content upscaled to 4K using Sony's Reality Creation engine.  There's even a few images in true 4K, with some highly cropped closeup looks at the fine resolution. Enough said!  -art

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