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Panasonic cuts price on PT-AX200U 720p home theater projector!

Greetings,  Time to also mention the price drop on the PT-AX200U home theater projector.  According to dealers the new MAP price - which pretty much establishes the high price online, is now $999, down from $1299.  Don't, however expect any further rebates. Seems Panasonic is moving away (at least for now), from complicated rebates, and give-aways, to simply lower up front pricing. For those on a 720p budget, this is great news.  It should solidify Panasonic's leadership role, in terms of the 720p home theater projector market.  If Sanyo reacts, with a change to the pricing of their new PLV-Z60, we'll let you know.  Epson's Home Cinema 700, due in December, will be even less expensive (likely $799), but won't match the features - limited zoom, no lens shift, and not as good at black levels and contrast.  Definitely an interesting holiday shopping season.  -art

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