Panasonic cuts price on PT-AX200U 720p home theater projector!


Time to also mention the price drop on the PT-AX200U home theater projector.  According to dealers the new MAP price – which pretty much establishes the high price online, is now $999, down from $1299.  Don’t, however expect any further rebates. Seems Panasonic is moving away (at least for now), from complicated rebates, and give-aways, to simply lower up front pricing.

For those on a 720p budget, this is great news.  It should solidify Panasonic’s leadership role, in terms of the 720p home theater projector market.  If Sanyo reacts, with a change to the pricing of their new PLV-Z60, we’ll let you know.  Epson’s Home Cinema 700, due in December, will be even less expensive (likely $799), but won’t match the features – limited zoom, no lens shift, and not as good at black levels and contrast.  Definitely an interesting holiday shopping season.  -art

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  • C

    How likely do you think Sanyo will drop the price of the Z60, especially since it just hit the market? The Panasonic, while comparable, is two years old now.



    Hard to say. Street price seems to be $1195, so perhaps a rebate. Ultimately, lots of factors. First, being a new product, production may not be fully up to speed, so they may be able to sell all they have, based on the $1195 price, but plan to lower after they have more product…

    In the longer run, yes, I don’t think they’ll let Panasonic have a $200 advantage for very long. -art

  • Ken

    When I first saw this I thought, great news – this is a sign for me to get the PT-AX200U and be done with it. I never cared about the Blockbuster rebate that much anyway. However, the rebate also included an extra year warranty – to extend to two years. I think now it is back to a one year warranty on the PT-AX200U and I do have reliability concerns (realistic or not). I think it may have been a better deal for street price at $1199 (or less), with the extended warranty.

  • Hugo

    The PT-AX200 features a “Game” mode that improves signal processing for better response, allowing you to play games with minimal stress. It also reveals gradation in saturated areas to show detail that are otherwise lost in very dark areas.

    Does the AE3000 feature anything like this?


    I do not believe that Panasonic put all the same “gaming” improvements into th PT-AE3000U, however I will check into this. The PT-AE3000U is expected to arrive here this afternoon (or tomorrow), and if it does, it will be the next review. -art

  • Danky

    This is sweet!!!! best projector out there imo and for under a $1000!!!! what a steal

  • C
  • Vinz

    Yeap! Sanyo reacted very fast with a $995 price at most dealers.
    Looks like I spent $200 extra to receive the product rapidly… Very good product though, I am very impressed with the results obtained watching DVDs.