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Pico Projectors - at Last - and Impressive

3M, AAXA, and Optoma pico projectors, LG Pocket projector

For anyone interested, I've finally gotten this year's Pico projector report up, to give you an idea of what changes have happened, where the improvements are.  And the big question: How good are they really? You may be surprised.  I was. And for those of you needing something beefier, but still wanting small, we've includied the LG HX300G mini or pocket projector.  This guy actually measured over 200 lumens.  It was the brightest we looked at, but not the most impressive. The Pico Projector tab at the top of all pages of the site (but not the home theater blog)  will take you there, as will other links, or click here Proofing is yet to be done, and I have some additions to make as well.  Also the last projector to arrive, had some problems - which I discuss. It's replacement is inbound now.  This year's pico projectors were far more fun than last year's.  I think all of these had better image quality and color than any of the first generation ones I reviewed last year.

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