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Projector Reviews Launches New Home Page, Navigation

Greetings all, These changes to Projector Reviews, have been a long time in coming.  Check out the new home page.  It builds on the theme changes we started last summer. Here's a quick overview of what we've done, why, and how it should make your visits and navigation, more effective. The obvious change to Projector Reviews, is that we have converted the center column to use a system of Panes.  There are currently six different Panes.  Each has it's own square button, just below the masthead.  Clicking on any of those buttons will load the appropriate page, and leave it up, until you click on another pane button, or a link, or... By the way, you can also pause the panes by placing the cursor over the pane content.  You can then, for example scroll down the page, reading everything in that pane.  Moving the cursor out of the content area, will resume the auto pane rotation feature. The very first pane is our Projector Reviews pane.   That is, it shows you the 10 most recent home theater projector reviews, followed by the 10 most recent reviews of Business and Education projectors.  Within the next week or so, the descriptions of each of those reviews will be expanded to resemble the 3-4 lines for each, found on the old home page. Other panes show excerpts from the most recent blog entries.  There are the portions of the 10 most recent press releases for new projectors, and the 5 most recent home theater blogs. Still another pane features our major reports and articles, including, of course, our annual Home Theater Projector Comparison Report, Our Pico Projector Comparison, and our K-12 Classroom Education Projector Report. Next comes the Projector Categories.  learn more about projectors in categories such as DLP projectors, education projectors, pico projectors, home theater projectors and more.  Each category offers you descriptions and links to that category's most recent reviews. Finally, we've put together a brief on each of 15 well known and most popular projector manufacturers.   We'll be expanding that section over the coming months.  BTW please note, some of the descriptions in that pane are temporary, written by a webmaster, and not fully accurate.  (As of right now, the LG Projector description would be an example). Click on any of those manufacturers and you'll end up on our page for that brand.  You'll find all of our reviews for that line listed, and below that, a full list of all models with links to specs and data sheets.  Have fun. Please forgive, there will be a good bit of clean up, and many dozens of pages needed to be created for all the changes.  If you see anything that really makes no sense (like almost anything that FORMER webmaster wrote), feel free to comment.   There's a lot for us to do, and now we're backed up on reviews! One more thing.  You don't need to use the Panes to navigate.  Note, in the masthead, there are a number of white pull-down tabs for navigation. They will get you to the same places, although we don't have tabs yet for the blogs.  -art PS.  for those waiting, the Viewsonic Pro8200 review will post sometime tonight before I call it a night.  -a

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