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Greetings projector fans! I've been playing with a concept which I call Projector Reviews TV, for about a year, and it's coming to fruition this month.  NO, I'm not launching a projector focused TV channel on DirecTV or cable.  It's not even a regular podcast.  Here's the skinny on Projector Reviews TV and a link to the first video:For several years I've been creating some video summaries of our projector reviews.  The purpose started out as a source for extra revenues.  For me to do those friendly (classic youtube amateur), videos, I made them a marketing item.  (We explained that those had been paid for videos, but reflect the key points of the full review (more fun, cover far less turf).  Those manufacturers (mostly Epson and Mitsubishi), could then link to the video on our site, from theirs, put out a press release pointing to it.  The manufacturers have no option to preview the videos, or require any changes. Well, we weren't doing very many, or bringing in an significant revenues that way.  Video's big now (who would have thunk?). We're now going to start doing a lot of videos.  The name we came up with for our new video library of FAQ's, and Reviews is Projector Reviews TV.  We've hired a video production company  (Gentlemen of Fortune Productions) and contracted to what works out to about 30 videos between now and year end.  Some will be more video summaries of projector reviews, many will be video FAQs on a wide range of related topics. We started with one projector, the Panasonic's PT-AR100U, for our first pass at creating a look and format.  It was completed, and we figured not bad.  The second video, an Epson, we're still waiting to see the final, but it should be even better, as we've improved the structure.  All future video review summaries should be similar to the Epson, but even better and more organized, and will include a proper tour of the projector, which the first two lack.  We're still trying to fine tune the process. This coming Monday, July 16th will be the next video shoot, doing all the ones mentioned below. Mind you these aren't necessarily the exact titles: Choosing the BEST Projector for a family room type environment, Part 1, Part 2. Choosing the right type of screen Part 1, Part 2 Black Level performance - why it's important! plus:  Two videos of different all-in-one projectors, and possibly one Pico projector Note: The scripts for the ones shown in bold are completed and ready for Monday's shoot.  Hopefully we'll have the last ones ready as well. Where can you find these videos?   All of them will be posted on our site, listed under the Projector Reviews TV channel, which will be set up as soon as we have 4 or 5 completed.  Meantime links will be placed inside the original reviews, in directories, our FAQ page... In addition, to help get the word out, and help folks who haven't found yet, Part 1 videos will also be posted on YouTube. We think this is going to be fun, and helpful for those folks who like learning by video. We plan a second video shoot late August with about 8 more FAQ videos and perhaps 2 or 3 more projector review video  summaries.  A third batch, probably produced in November, will feature some of the new home projectors that will launch at CEDIA in early September. OK enough hype.  Here's a link to that first video, the Panasonic PT-AR100U home projector.  Just click on the link on the table of contents, and you'll be watching video in seconds. That's enough for this blog.  We're excited here about Projector Reviews TV.  Your feedback is welcome. Ah, time for credits:  Lisa, who is already managing of all our social media activities, is also managing the Projector Reviews TV project, with an assist from me.  I should note, Lisa will also be "acting" in some of our videos.  (Why should I have all the fun?) Thanks!  No go back and check out our first Projector Reviews TV video!!!  -art    

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