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Projector Reviews was down today - sorry...

Greetings! Folks, sorry, we had some site server issues this starting past weekend (email erratic...) so we did an emergency change to a more robust server (we're in the clouds now). Unfortunately, the transition which started yesterday, had our site still a bit erratic by this morning. Actually the site has been fine since about 7:30 am east coast time, but for many of us, the old address in your computer caches, may be pointing you to the old IP. Of course, me writing this won't help those still suffering the problem, because you couldn't get to the blog either. Bottom line. If you are having difficulty - totally, or intermittantly, then our webmaster says all you have to do is reboot your computer. That worked for our PC's back at the "office" and all three apple devices I have with me at CEDIA - macbook pro, iphone and ipad. Once again, sorry bout that. But, we're running well now, unless you have that cache problem.

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