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Projectors at CES 2017 - More 4K UHD and Concept Projectors

There were new projectors shown at CES, including a number of 4K UHD models, some from the brands we're all most familiar with.  I will post blurbs on a number of them in the next few days, as I have another day filled with appointments (and some partying at night.)  Few projector manufacturers are exhibiting on the show floor, rather choose to have a smaller presence, with setups in suites at nearby hotels. Let me just mention a few. Optoma shows new projectors Optoma had a suite next to the Las Vegas convention center.  They were showing new short throw, very short throw, and ultra short throw home models. A couple of them are direct replacements of existing ones.  I'll definitely post info on those. Nebula Projector from Ankar The Nebula projector is an ultra short throw home theater projector - DLP - that is certainly more attractive than most.  It's a 1080p ultra short throw, and given it was shown on the show floor, looked pretty good.  This was my first contact with the company.  I'll follow up with them post show.
HiSense Projectors HiSense is a name that's been around for about eight years.  But not for projectors.  No problem.  They showed a pair of laser ultra short throw projectors - one a single the other a dual laser.  Prices start at $12999 but that includes an audio system and a light absorbing (ALR) screen designed for ultra short throw projectors.  Both are 4K UHD models using the new TI DLP 4K UHD chip set.

HiSense 4K UHD Laser Projector - will come with screen and speakers for $12999.

  Casio Projectors and Technology Impresses Like just about everyone else, Casio was showing off technology not yet shipping, in fact, call them concept pieces, which means we may never see them get to market.  But two such products, are worth noting.  One is a small camera system that works in conjunction with their projector.  It allows the projector to projector on any wall.  Yes, ANY WALL.  Do you have an exposed brick wall in your living room, or maybe you need to project onto an uneven surface, even a cloth one with pleats.  No problem.  The camera captures the image to properly set up.  It analyses the surface - such as brick and eliminates it so that when you watch content, it appears just like if you were using a white screen!!!   Even projecting onto a pleated surface with folds more than an inch deep were not a challenge.

Casio projecting hockey on "pleated, colorful  surface"


Casio after compensating for surface. Pretty Cool. Works just as well on a brick wall.

Then there is a concept pocket projector - with vertical stand, and an ultra short throw design.  The concept model, I believe is about 500 lumens.  Very interesting with lots of application including turning a table top into a projection surface so you can watch TV or movies.

Casio's concept/prototype LED ultra short throw projector

LG rolled out another 1080p pocket LED projector, the ProBeam HF80J. This was announced a couple of weeks ago.  I cruised the LG booth, which is gigantic (probably 1000 people in it yesterday at one time), but never found the projector.  I'll catch up with it.  I already have specs so I'll save that for later.  We've been impressed with LG's pocket LED projectors, so I expect we will review this new one. That's all the time for now.  I'm off to the BenQ and JVC suites to see what they have in new projectors.  But mostly the rest of today is looking at smart home, home automation gear, for our site.    Happy New Year from Las Vegas!  -art    

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