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Projectors for Review in February 2010 - Home Theater Projectors

Greetings one, and all, OK, due to some typical "dynamics" things keep changing around here, regarding what projectors are about to be reviewed.  I haven't mentioned this, since yesterday, and things have already changed, due to updates on what projectors are arriving and what just "snuck" in the door. My primary focus right now, is to finish the "mandatory" 1080p projectors that I think essential before starting this year's March publication of our 1080p Projector Comparison Report. So, let me start by saying that I'm currently working with the 720p BenQ W600, 3D ready projector.  We've already measured and calibrated it - (as best we could) - it's a veritable light canon, and may be the brightest non-3 chip DLP we've measured for home theater.  That's not surprising as it is a  "cross-over" projector.  But, enough: I'll be doing my First Look blog, about the W600 projector tomorrow.  Let me say, though, I'm not ready to complete the review.  What I'm still missing is some 3D content, which I'm frantically trying to locate.  (It needs to be Mac based, not PC, and I'm asking Sony, who just announced their BDP-S470 Blu-ray player with 3D support.) So, the W600 will get its blog, and most likely the review will be resumed shortly, once some decent 3D software is found (I've got the shuttered glasses ready to go.) But, Lo! and Behold!  MORE REVIEWS: The LG CF181D arrived at my door today - (they promised by Friday). Well, so many forum folks and others have been emailing me asking about this LG projector that, its now been moved up, to "in process" status. Mike will be picking it up, today, for calibration and measurements, and it will publish, probably, late next week. After the LG, I've got these to choose from: Mitsubishi HC6800 JVC RS15 (or 35, but probably not both) and, of course, if I can find one:  BenQ W1000 And that folks, will be it, then, early March, I'll take my 15-20 days "off" to write the entire report.  And when that's done, back to normal review schedules, which should include more 3D.

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