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Greetings Projector fans, here's the latest version of the review schedule.    An  old quote comes to mind:  "The more things change, the more they stay the same." That is to say, I'm still slammed, and if there was one thing I didn't need, was one more 1080p home theater projector to show up at my door. I'm still here, trying to figure out how to publish the JVC RS15 (update, ok, the RS15's posted), InFocus SP8602, Mitsubishi HC6800, and now, finally, a long awaited BenQ W1000 has arrived. And I'm supposed to be done with all of these by mid month.  - Which is not happening! And to make things even further behind.  two weekends from now - the 20th anniversary!  A long weekend to Las Vegas, with the wife. And somehow, the full 1080p Projector Comparison Report is still supposed to be published this month.  Arrgh.   I just don't know how it will happen. And then, we'll be rolling out over 8 weeks more than a dozen more reviews but, projectors targeted for K-12 schools, not home.  No rest for the wicked! OK, so, here's the "plan" Updated 3/12/10 1.  JVC RS35 - DONE 2.  JVC RS15 - POSTED still proofing, adding 3. BenQ W1000 - Short review - In Progress - Publish date:  3/15 4. InFocus SP8602 - Returns tomorrow, final viewing, write-up begins shortly, Publish date target: 3/19 5. Mitsubishi HC6800, all measured and calibrated, and ready to go.  Unless the HC6800 blows me away when viewing it, probably it will be a short review.  Then, finally Report time, Ideally, 3/25. BTW, screens - the Screen Innovations Black Diamond arrived.  It's still in its box, but I can't wait to get to it, and see how it handles ambient light, and how it looks with some of these best under $10,000 projectors I've also got a Da-lite 3D screen here, (also shutter 3d glasses and passive ones.) Still no 3D content and projector combination that calls for the use of a 3D optimized screen, but that too shall come to pass. I've been getting a number of emails from you guys about Elite's Osprey? screen - actually a 16:9 and 2.35;1 screen (two surfaces in a motorized configuration, for those looking at CIH (contstent image height) situations in conjunction with anamorphic lenses or lens emulation solutions. As a result I may bring one of those in for review in May - if there's time. That's it for now. hang in there! -art Uh-oh, I feel an Epson red line update coming on.  DONE

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