Quick update LG full review:

Greetings all,  Bad news for those urgently waiting for the CF181D review.

Well, I’ll be late with it.  I had said late tonight, for posting, but that’s not going to happen now.  At least I have what I think is a great excuse:

Just got a last minute invite to head up to LA.  AND it seems I’m heading to a famous LA (actually Santa Monica) music landmark, McCabes Guitar Store, where they’ve been holding small concerts for about 40+ years.  (check Wiki)

Anyway, a friend, it turns out, knows Jorma Kaukonan from the “old days”  (Jorma was theguitarist for Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, Hot Tuna, etc., and Jorma’s playing tonight in a room that will probably be not much more than 100 people at McCabes.

Sorry, can’t miss it.  I’m an old, and huge fan of Airplane and Starship.  And, I may even be having dinner with Jorma and friends.  So, that means…  I’m off to “hijack the starship – and carry 7000 people past the sun, to the cities of the universe”   (ahh, the dreams we had…) that is, when I’m not “taking one pill that make’s you larger, or one that makes you small” not the one your mother gives you, that does nothing at all.”  (coming back to any of you?)

Look for the LG CF181D review late Saturday instead.  I’m down to about 4 or 5 hours work, before I can post it. -art

News and Comments

  • brian

    hope you had great fun at the small concert. did you get to chance to have conversation w/ him?

    most of us waiting to compare w/ panny ae4k w/ lg cf181d. give us good comparison. also, we can request to add some ambient light condition. thank you so much for your hard work.

  • dean

    quick question to anyone who can answer. I currently have the mitsubishi hc1600 and was planning to go with the mits hc3800 as an upgrade. the 1600 is listed at 1700 lumens vs. 1300 for the 3800. the hc1600 in eco.mode puts out just the right brightness for our living room. will the 38 be able to compete or exceed this brightness since the ratings aren’t usually too acurate. and picture quality comparison is it night and day like I would imagine? thanks dean

  • Eric Braun

    Yup, love Jorma… especially his bluegrass stuff. What a versatile musician. I saw him in Petaluma, Ca. a few years ago. It was really wonderful.

    • Eric, Amen to that, it was an outstanding performance, He and G.E. Smith took turns picking songs – for one, one hour period (this was basically the blues) they kept seeing who could come up with the most depressing story line song. 3 hours of playing, not one song repeated, even though it was across two separate shows. – a

  • Nathan

    Art, where are you?

    • Nathan, I’m here – writing – a slave to all you demanding AV fanatics. -a

  • dean

    Thanks for the help. Your website really made choosing alot better of an experience.