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Report from Infocomm '08: Business, Personal and Home Theater Projectors, Plus

After much thought, I've decided to produce a report following the Infocomm show last week.  It will feature capsules on about 35 or so, newly announced projectors and related products.  In additional to the usual news and announcements on business and home theater projectors, I'll be focusing on the new class of cell phone sized projectors (8-12 lumens?), that we'll see hit the market late this year or early next year, and wil work with devices like iPhones, PDA's and other portable devices. (This could be huge!)  Also look for info on 3D technology - I was really dazzled, and it looks closer to market reality than I would have thought six months ago.  I'll also touch on edge blending, and even stereo projectors (a single projector that can project in 3D, for things like scientific modeling).   This year's Infocomm was one of the most interesting in years... Hang in there - late July is my target!  -art

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