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Samsung SP-A600 1080P Projector - Round 2

UPDATE: The Samsung SP-A600 Review has been posted. OK, the first SP-A600which arrived a couple of weeks ago, was an early engineering sample.  After much debate, Mike and I decided not to review it.  My initial impression was that the color tables were not "finished", and some minor communications issues with the HDMI port (only on occasion).  If we did the review based on that unit, I feared all of our calibration settings would be worthless to folks buying production units. Now for the good news.  A replacement A600 (actually two of them!!!) Just arrived by FedX.  I haven't even opened the box yet.  I expect these to be more recent pre-production units if not production.  I'll let you know when I do my "First Look" blog about the Samsung SP-A600 projector, in a few days. BTW, my understanding is that this projector is priced to sell for somewhere under $2500 in the US.  Stay tuned!

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