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Sanyo PLV-Z700 and PLV-Z60 Home Theater Projectors - coming soon!

Greetings all, I've already briefly mentioned the new PLV-Z700, Sanyo's new low cost 1080p projector with a $1995 list price. As it turns out, it is not a replacement for the current PLV-Z2000, but these are my first comments regarding the Sanyo PLV-Z60 home theater projector. Let's take one more look at the Sanyo PLV-Z700: Contrast is good, at 10,000:1 but not quite as good as the Z2000 (15,000:1). The Z2000 however, had very good black level performance, better than some other projectors with similar contrast ratings, so, despite the "low" 10,000:1, the PLV-Z700 should still be pretty respectable when it comes to black levels. Brightness is claimed at 1200 lumens, the same as the Z2000. That said, the Z2000 has been one of the least bright projectors, best suited for 100" diagonal or smaller screens. Expect the same. Placement flexibility is excellent with a 2:1 zoom lens, and vertical and horizontal lens shift! Like the Z2000, a lens cover slides in front of the lens, to keep dust out, when not powered up. This Sanyo, based on published specs, should be one of the quietest projectors around, in terms of fan noise. A three year warranty combines with the low price point to make the Sanyo PLV-Z700 a serious contender. I should note that the Sanyo PLV-Z2000 has always been a favorite among the DIY home theater crowd. the PLV-Z700, I imagine, will receive the same attention by those with more limited budgets, but don't want to have to settle for a 720p projector. With 1080p projectors now dominating the market, some companies are sticking with their older 720p models, and not replacing them this fall, while a few others have new 720p home theater projectors. Sanyo, who didn't bother to replace the popular PLV-Z5 last year, has finally done so, with the just announced PLV-Z60. Sadly, Sanyo did not show at CEDIA, so I haven't seen it in action yet, but I should have both of them in for review in the next 30 days. Here's the basics on the PLV-Z60: Brightness has been increased to a claimed 1200 lumens, and contrast raised to 10,000:1. Of course, the PLV-Z60 is a 3LCD projector like all the previous Sanyo Z projectors. The MSRP (list price) of the Z60 is $1295. I'm still waiting to hear what the MAP price (minimum advertised price) is, as that tends to establish the typical selling price. Also Sanyo is very big on rebate or give away programs, so, we'll see what the bottom line is, and I'll report as soon as I know. The Sanyo PLV-Z60 will have two HDMI inputs, and extensive color controls, including gamma control. As is typical of previous Sanyo home theater projectors, the PLV-Z60 will sport the usual 2:1 zoom lens, and lens shift, for extremely flexible placement flexibility. With everyone emphasizing 1080p projectors, it's nice to see Sanyo has decided to provide increased performance in the low cost 720p resolution home theater projector segment. As many of you know, Optoma released two new 720p projectors earlier this year - HD65 and HD71 - both reviewed, and Epson has one as well (my next blog). Panasonic, who normally duels it out with Sanyo, on the other hand, is sticking with their PT-AX200U, which they released last fall. Sanyo's Z projectors have always appealed to the enthusiast crowd, with better than most black levels, and very good post calibration color, and there's no reason to think that the PLV-Z60 will be any different. I'll be especially interested in how bright the PLV-Z60 is, as Sanyo's in the past have tended to be less bright than average. Any significant increase in lumens (both best, and brightest modes), should allow Sanyo to increase marketshare, as they will do better with those favoring slightly larger screens and ambient lighting, than the PLV-Z5 could handle. I am now expecting the PLV-Z700 to arrive first, most likely within the next two weeks, so that one I definitely should have reviewed before the end of Sept. Stay tuned for a PLV-Z60 first look blog a couple days after the Z60 arrives and about a week or so, before the full review is published. thanks -art

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