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Sharp XV-Z17000 3D Projector announced at CEDIA!

Greetings everyone.  This is my first blog from CEDIA in Atlanta.  I arrived today, and just got back from the Sharp Press conference (the show exhibits open tomorrow).
XV-Z17000 is Sharp's first 3D 1080p projector

Sharp launches XV-Z17000 3D 1080p projector

Lo and behold!  To my surprise, (I had no inkling), there it was, a shiny new 3D 1080p DLP projector, the Sharp XV-Z17000. Sadly, I didn't see it work, it wasn't ready for demoing, I was told.    Here's what I did learn, though:  The XV-Z17000, looks almost identical to their current XV-Z15000.  I expect much will be based on that current Sharp projector, and... First --- not a Clue at the press conference as to what the price will be, and Second --- you won't be able to buy one in time for the holidays.  They are saying Q1 2011, so it will be 4-6 months out.  And anything that far out, almost certainly doesn't work yet. Still, - it's likely the very first  announced affordable 1080p single chip DLP I've heard of.  The LG and Sony 3D 1080p projectors, are nothing, if not expensive.  Both use 3 chip LCoS technology, which makes things far more challenging.  (I had the LG at my place for several months - a pre-production unit.) This could easily be under $3K, but I'm purely speculating.  The 2D Z15000 sells for around $2K last I looked.  (Yes, of course, I'm expecting other announcements tomorrow). I have requested an engineering sample or pre-production version as soon as possible.  IF - they will get me an engineering sample, they say I'd have it before year end.  We shall see. Most of their press conference was focused on their new premium 3D series of LCDTVs (only too models, 52 and 60").  They demonstrated them in 3D with active glasses.  I mention this for a reason. Their new active 3D glasses, can at two presses of a button (on the glasses)  allow the viewer to toggle back and forth between 2D and 3D when 3D content is playing. I think that's very important, and of course, could apply to 3D DLP projectors (also active glasses). The thing is, people with serious problems with their eyes, may not be able to watch 3D, because of their eye condition.  My mom for example has macular degeneration, it just wouldn't work and would probably unwatchable.  With these glasses, she could watch in 2D while everyone else could be in 3D. I think that in a home theater/entertainment environment, there will often be larger groups on occasion, than watching those "tiny"  LCDTVs,  (ie. my daughter and 15 friends, hijacking my theater from time to time), or a multiple generation family.   The ability for some to watch in 2D, while others watch in 3D, is a plus, and I hope to see that option on most projectors. Back to the Sharp XV-Z17000 3D projector.  They really didn't have anything else significant to tell me, for now.  Of course, if I learn more, you'll hear from me.  -art

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