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SIM2 is the first to show a DLP 4K UHD projector at CEDIA

SIM2, the stylin’ Italian projector company best known for small, often sexy looking high end projectors announces the Nero 4 home theater projector. (Ok, it's not one of their sexy looking ones - until you watch what it can do.)  SIM2 offers – both single and 3 chip DLP models, and looks to have beaten the field of DLP projector manufacturers in terms of offering a projector using TI (Texas Instruments) 4K UHD chip set.

The Nero4 was demonstrated in the typical really dark trade show booth theater. Pretty Impressive

What we’re talking here is a 4 megapixel chip.   By comparison true 4K, is 8 megapixels. Still, some folks created the UHD standard, which works 4K into the name, but has pixels twice the size of true 4K. That’s why many of us refer to these and 1080p projectors that can accept 4K content as “Faux-K”. Still, this one’s half way between 1080p and 4K. The TI chip, and therefore the SIM2 Nero 4, uses pixel shifting, a technique to improve detail, that was first popularized by JVC, and is now found in all of Epson’s best home theater projectors as well. Ultimately, though the SIM2 advantage is that their pixel shifting Nero 4 still starts with pixels half the size of those 1080p pixel shifters. SIM2’s looking to price this projector around $30,000,  but keep in mind, as they are a high end company, you are entitled to some wonderful support, from a group of highly trained, "high end" installing dealers. It’ been several years since we got to review a SIM2, but I’m hoping, after early contact with the folks at SIM2, that I may just be able to get my hands on this one. Or if not me, then Ron who lives in Florida, only a hundred miles or so from SIM2's US operations location. That it is likely to be the first 4K UHD projector available, shipping, hopefully in November, although companies such as BenQ, Vivitek, and Optoma have discussed bringing out 4K UHD projectors as far back as CES 2016 this past January.  As it turns out (update), I did find other 4K UHD projectors at the show, and already did a Facebook Live video about one of them, the Vivitek SIM2 isn’t done just yet.. A second new projector launched at CEDIA is the SIM2xTV.

SIM2xTV: Place it on the furniture, or recess it into your cabinet so that it is flush, and therefore barely noticeable.

This one is an ultra short throw projector boasting 2900 lumens, and it uses a laser light engine (laser phosphor, as is typical) that will sit inches from the screen. This will be a 1080p projector with a base price in the US of $15,000. It uses a “hybrid” laser engine, and can project images up to 110” diagonal. There’s even an “invisible” version for installation, that is $18,000. It's angled, and designed to be dropped into a "cutout" in a piece of furniture so that it's flush with the top of the unit.  Very interesting, and a bit more affordable than I would have expected from SIM2. I’ll update you folks regarding these new home theater projectors, as they start shipping... -art

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