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Site Redesign: The new Projector Reviews launches Monday 11/18

Greetings projector fans. My Web designer, and web developer folks say that this coming Monday is the day.  It's locked in stone!   No more delays. My apologies to all, and no one more than my family, all of whom help out with the site and have had to deal with me though the frustrations. I've been wandering through and testing the site, of course, and it really is looking great!   And the team is running out of bugs to fix! Don't worry though, I'm sure there will be enough minor stuff to fix over the first week or so, but I spent 30 minutes almost randomly wandering around from one review to another, various directories, articles, etc, without hitting any major disasters.  Our specs database is being brought over, and that is not quite populating correctly or we'd probably be live as I write this. The Epson Pro Cinema 4030 projector review will be the first review published exclusively on the new site that I have reviewed.  Sorry you had to wait an extra week or so, due to the delays.   I'll just say that it's a great projector, wins a Hot Product Award, and hang in there for the details.

A Peek at the New Projector Reviews Homepage

I already have commented about the projector on site, in less detail Note:  The older the material from the old Projector Reviews, the more likely you will find issues, but then, I'm talking reviews mostly 4 - 10 years old, which account for perhaps 1% of our traffic.  And if you look up a review from 2003-2007 before our last "redesign", those pages are the most inconsistent.  But, all the info is still there! Members Only @ Projector Reviews Some of you have heard we're launching a Member area, which will cost less than $1 a month.  I want you all to know that the type of content that's always been free, remains free.  We didn't, for example, publish CMS calibration info before, just basic and grayscale calibration numbers (the 90%).  Those who don't sign up, still will see the same calibration info that was available before we did before the site redesign. Members Only Videos - in the past, we did review videos if the manufacturers "subsidized them" by paying a "Permission" to use our videos on their site, YouTube, etc.  Basically, our concept was that if the manufacturer wasn't interested in helping defray the costs, we just didn't do the video review.  With the new site - if the manufacturer is "cheap" - no, let's make that "fiscally conservative", we make the video anyway, but offer  it only to members. The Member area (sounds friendlier than Paid Subscriber) will also launch on Monday, but we have a whole pile of content to put in there yet.  I figure it will take a good week until much of the existing the "Members Only" material is in there (videos, calibration info, more). Some of the Members area only content that will be live by the end of week one:
  • Video Review of Optoma HD25-LV
  • Video Review of BenQ W1070 and W1080ST
  • Some Informational Videos and other Reviews
  • CMS calibration settings for more than 1 dozen of the most popular home projectors we've reviewed
  • Including CMS for the recent Epson 4030 and 5030UB/6030UB projector reviews
  Over the next couple of weeks we'll also be rolling out some rebate incentives that are for our members only.  Participants in the program include Epson, Visual Apex, Projector People (and if we can finalize, BenQ).  More to follow. These will be small rebates, mostly $25 for those buying their products.  It's our way of thanking you (if you are buying something) for shelling out our Membership fee. Less than 3 days to go as I write this.  I really can't wait, the delays have been killing me. BTW as soon as the site goes live, and the Pro Cinema 4030 review, the Optoma HD181xe and Sony VPL-HW55ES are next.  I'll probably work both of those at the same time.  Which gets published first I can't be sure just yet, but the goal is that both will be live before Black Friday. Lot's of Home Theater Home Entertainment Reviews coming this Month! More good news.  Tony completed the Epson Home Cinema 750HD which was also done in the new site, so that too will be visible.  Dave (our newest), should have his review of the Optoma GT760 gaming projector ready for the launch, or if not, have that up a few days later, so we're looking at likely 5 home theater / home entertainment projector reviews publishing in the next two weeks.

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