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Sony VPL-HW30ES 2D and 3D Home Theater Projector - Behind Door #3

Sony's VPL-HW30ES - 2D and 3D Projector

Sony VPL-HW30ES Projector offers 2D and 3D Performance

UPDATE: The Sony VPL-HW30ES projector review has been posted! OK, here's the scoop on our third recent projector arrival for review, Sony's new VPL-HW30ES - replacement for their VPL-VWPro1, which first and foremost, adds 3D abilities. Reportedly the HW30ES shares the same panels as the far more expensive Mitsubishi HC9000D and Sony's own VPL-VW95ES (we previously reviewed last year's VW90ES).  For $3500 the VPL-HW30ES projector should prove to be another formidable LCoS projector.  Brightness specs are typical of the other projectors in the class, which is to say, not especially encouraging for 3D viewing, but more than adequate for anything else. The Sony VPL-HW30ES should easily be more than bright enough in terms of 2D viewing, capable of handling fairly large screen sizes for that 2D content.  If it behaves like most of the other LCoS 3D capable projectors we've seen, though, with a normal screen, it's going to be a little dim on 3D on an average 100" diagonal screen.  That would make it typical of the genre:  A much better 2D projector than 3D projector.  Most likely I'll conclude that it's great if you are 2D and only want to "fool around a bit" with 3D, just like all those other LCoS projectors and the others that are mostly 1300 lumens or less claimed.   It's only the low cost gaming projectors, and the new Epsons, Panasonic, and Optoma HD33/HD3300 that will offer a significant boost in brightness over the HW30ES. The Sony VPL-HW30ES went right to Mike for calibration first.  So I haven't yet gotten a look.   He brought it back a few hours ago.   I had already set up the Epson mentioned in the last blog, so I still haven't fired up the Sony HW30ES projector.  Assuming it shares all the good points of last year's VWPro1 (also called the HW20a), it's going to be a very solid 2D entry for the money, with the 3D as a bonus. Stay tuned - not sure which will publish first - this Sony VPL-HW30ES, or the Epson Home Cinema 3010 / Home Cinema 3010e, but both should be published by end of day, October 10th. Sony VPL-HW30ES
  • MSRP:  $3499
  • 1080p LCoS technology
  • 2D and 3D capable
  • Uses active glasses for 3D viewing
  • Extensive color controls
  • CFI and Dynamic Iris
  • 1300 lumens claimed
  • 70,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Excellent warranty
Since I haven't peeked at it yet, that's all I've got for you.  A lot more coming in the next week or so.  -art

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