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The latest on the launch of the new Projector Reviews website

Greetings projector fans, I have disappointing news to share today.  The new site, 95% done, will likely be delayed by at least a month.  It's not an operational issue, but rather a survival one.  It comes down not to projectors but search engines like google pointing to our site.  The folks advising us on good SEO so that we show up early in searches on terms like projector, home theater projector, projector reviews, etc., aren't happy with some of the structure changes in the new site redesign. We've been meeting with the web team trying to figure out how to best compromise, get things moving forward, while not taking a hit that could cause a noticeable drop in visitors coming from sites like google. For that reason, we're converting a couple of reviews that were created in the new site format, to quickly get them up on the old site.  The Epson Home Cinema 2030 projector, who's review just published, was one of those.  An NEC, and a Panasonic will also both publish in the next week, and although both might be used in a media room or sports bar, they aren't true home theater projectors...  There's also a corporate boardroom Epson Powerlite Pro 1410Wi going live next week, an interactive projector with advanced networking. The exciting news is I'm off to Epson in a few minutes for a peak at their new projectors for CEDIA launch.  The not so good news for you is I'm under NDA and won't be able to speak a word about them until CEDIA.  On the bright side, there's a chance I'll get one new projector to review in advance of the show, so that a review will be ready in time for the formal CEDIA announcements.  Now you know what I know... Hang in there.  We'll get there, (to the new site) and soon offer more features, more videos... Thanks! -art

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