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Upcoming Projector Reviews for July and August - InFocus, Epson, BenQ

Greetings everyone! This is just a quick piece to let you know what is planned for home theater projector reviews over the next two months.   Of course, summer is a bit slow for new home theater projectors, but there are a few, I'm hoping to get my hands on.  I've got confirmations from the manufacturers for most of these.  Here's the scoop: BenQ W20000:  I've been waiting, and waiting, and waiting.  However, I did receive an email this week indicating that they are sending me the W20000 that they were showing at Infocomm two weeks ago.  At this point, I'll believe it, when it arrives (or actually, they call me to pick it up, since they are only 25 minutes from here).  The W20000 should be formidable, but whether it (with Darkchip3) can hold its own against the Darkchip4 InFocus IN83... we shall have to wait and see. InFocus: The IN83 (most impressive) review will be posted in a few days.   In addition, I'm expecting their new lower cost, $2299 MSRP X10 1080p projector by end of the month, so anticipating a completed review in early August.  This X10 projector is available from online resellers, and is definitely one of the least expensive 1080p projectors on the market. Epson Ensemble:  I'm a huge fan of Epson's Ensemble concept.  Basically, a turnkey system built around the Home Cinema 1080 UB.  the system includes a 100" motorized screen (white casing), with left, center and right speakers built into the screen case.  A "platform" for the projector itself is also white, and includes left rear, and right rear speakers (it can be shelf or ceiling mounted).  There's also a subwoofer and separate AV control center, which includes a standard DVD player.  There are two HDMI inputs as well (cable/satellite, and Blu-ray player), which should be all the Epson Ensemble needs.   The system includes all wiring, etc, and even an equipment cabinet for those that need one.     The Epson Ensemble should be here also late July, but as it's a complete system, give me an extra week or so, to have everything installed.  The beauty of the Ensemble, is that it should make a projector installation not significantly more challenging than the average plasmas display or large LCDTV.  I'm really excited about this one, as it is designed so even those basic Best Buy, and Circuit City type installers can knock off a full installation in less than a day, at a reasonable price. Other than that, probably one more home theater projector review in this timeline (July - August) as I have some biz projectors to review, and will be taking a a week of vacation as well.  Other possibilities, if I can pry one loose:  a 1080p projector from SIM2, possibly a projectiondesign 1080p projector, and, I'm also hammering a few other companies.  For those with tomorrow off, have a great 4th of July!  -art

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