Update: Epson Home Cinema 5010 Projector – Price Info $2699 MAP

Greetings,  time to discuss the Epson Home Cinema 5010.

Pricing turns out to be lower than most of us originally anticipated.

Here are the official numbers per Epson:  and about $300 each less than I had expected until recently.

Home Cinema 5010 –  MAP of $2699!!! MSRP now $2999 (originally expected to have an MSRP of $3499 as announced at the  CEDIA show in Sept.)

Home Cinema 5010e – MAP of $2999!! MSRP now $3499  (previously expected to be just below $4K)

Wow!   What is most stunning about this pricing, is that since both Panasonic and Epson have offered the  first 1080p home theater projectors (Panasonic PT-AE1000 and Epson Home Cinema 1080), the Epson projectors have always  sold anywhere from $200 to $500 more online.   This is the first time Epson has ever launched a 1080p projector, with a price below – in this case $300 less – than the Panasonic equivalent.  Even the Epson Home Cinema 5010e, is only the same price as the PT-AE7000.

And that certainly has had an impact as how I’m considering their value propositions…

And, it may help answer a question I asked Epson, which was – why discontinue the 8700UB, if the HC5010 is going to be $1000 more?  When you consider there are plenty of folks only interested in 2D, that would like the Epson “best in class” black peformance of the 8700UB for about $2000..  Well, now I can guess that killing the 8700UB likely inspired them not to have a $1400 space between the Home Cinema 3010 and the 5010, and therefore drop hundreds below $3,000.  I conjecture this pricing also explains something else that has puzzled me, but I’ll save that for the full Epson projector review.

The other thing you want to know right now is this:

Officially, I start writing up the Home Cinema 5010 review as soon as I hit publish on this blog. I will have large chunks of the Epson HC5010 review  – and 5010e comments, uploaded to the main site, before dawn (pacific zone) Thursday – which is Thanksgiving here, in the US.  I’m actually giving myself all of Thursday off.

I could give you more tidbits etc, now that I’ve spent dozens of hours watching the HC5010 projector, but I won’t be getting much sleep tonight and tomorrow night as it is, if you want to be reading this before Black Friday.

So, with that in mind, I’m Adios, out-of-here, gone – back to  Dreamweaver, I am using to  create the Epson Home Cinema 5010 projector review for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!  -art


News and Comments

  • Hmm interesting news, I might just have to consider upgrading my 6500UB.

  • Derek James

    Hi Art, thanks for the swift review of this projector. I am very interested in how the 2d to 3d performance stacks up to the real 3d movies being sold. It would be great to watch my entire movie collection converted to 3d without having to spend additional money. Can you give us your impressions of this feature?

    • Hi Derek,

      I’m not much of a fan of 2D to 3D conversion. Oh, it works – everything seems 3D.. you get the affect, but the artifacts and errors drive me bonkers… I swear the other day, when playing with the 2D – 3D, at one point, part of a street light seemed to be on one side of the street, while the whole light pole itself was on the other. (It should be that clean to be precisely described.)

      For well done 3D content, I’m a big fan, but to give up brightness, and wear glasses for a less than stellar conversion, just doesn’t work for me. Of course, if it works for you – go for it. I have yet to even “like” 2D-3D conversion on any projector offering it that’s made it though here. I’d say make your decision on a projector based on the idea that you probably won’t watch most (or all) of your 2D content in 3D.

      Then, buy it, experiment with it, and, hey, again, if it works for you… I don’t think we’ve come far enough to worry, just yet, about which projector’s 2D-3D conversion works the best… more like which one might be more tolerable. But that’s my take -art

  • Terry Thomas

    Hi Art, I am looking to upgrade my 1080ub to the 5010. The 1080ub workes great,i know the 5010 has more lumens and 3D, new panels, so is the 5010 worth a $2700.00 upgrade, in your opinon. I followed your opinon when buying the 1080ub and never looked back (thank you for that). I dont have a problem with spending the money as long as it is worth the upgrade. Thanks again for everything.
    Terry Thomas

    p.s. keep up the great work!!

    • Hi Terry,

      You’ll get an improvement in black levels (not great but some), as well, but you’ll have to figure the “value” If you are into 3D, definitely. If you only care about 2D, but want a larger screen…sure… But, let me put it this way, I’ve told a lot of folks lately, who swear they have no interest in 3D, to buy the 8700UB while they last (I think their gone now). The question is: What are you looking for… in terms of improvement. While the 5010 is at least as good at everything as the 1080UB, other than the 3D, it is an evolutionary upgrade, not revolutionary. Especially since your lamp has “hours” the 5010 will seem dramatically brighter… My take is go for it, but it’s your call… -a

  • Jesse


    What are the significant differences in the Epson 3010 and the Epson 5010 and is the 5010 worth the additional $?

    • Hi Jesse,
      The primary differences are the far superior black level performance of the 5010 (dramatically better on very dark scenes, a touch better on bright scenes), and the CFI for smooth motion – for sports, (and whatever else you like it for). There are other differences, but those alone make the 5010 worth the difference.

  • Priska

    Hi Terry,

    I betting buying epson 3010 or 5010, I already have epson 8350 just last May and since they both 3D we would like to replace it with 3D the only matter is which one worth cause the difference is about 1,200 for 3010 to 5010. is it worthy it to buy 5010 instead the 3010. hope some body can give me good advice as I will make decision this week end. Thank you