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Update: Home Theater Projector Reviews and the Home Theater Report

Greetings all. I've been a goodly number of emails or comments asking me when the big annual report for home theater projectors will come out, along with our Best In Class Awards. The short version is, the 2011 1080p Home Theater Projector Comparison Report (it's most formal name), will be out before the end of May. Here's the story behind that: First it's been a slow year for new home theater projectors.  Several companies didn't introduce anything new last fall at CEDIA, of particular significance, Panasonic, BenQ, and Optoma (BenQ and Optoma had lower res, but no 1080p).  Many others only refreshed models with updated firmware, and minor improvements.  The Epson 8700ub, 8350, the Mits HC4000, the Sanyo Z4000, etc. are good examples.  They are all improved, but nothing earthshaking.  They have been seriously delayed. Oh, there are some pretty cool new products.  Sharp expanded and improved their previously reviewed Z15000 into the 3D XV-Z17000.  JVC's new models are mostly brand new product, Mitsubishi rolled out their HC6800, etc.  Those following JVC, know that there have been issues, and review units extremely difficult to find.  And so it goes.  With less comparative to write about, and with the hope of still seeing 2-4 important projectors in May, it seemed logical. FYI, I'm also trying to land a Runco LS-HB (specs) projector. We've reviewed two of their LifeStyle projectors including the Runco LS-10d, their lowest cost 1080p 3 chip DLP.  The LS-HB, however, is relatively affordable, with a price point well under $10K.  The HB stands for High Brightness.  This projector, however is a single chip DLP, explaining the relatively low price.   It should prove to be much brighter than even the LS10d, and definitely the brightest true home theater projector in the upcoming report, if it makes it.  That Runco LS-HB, could prove to be the dream machine for those favoring sports and HDTV viewing over movie watching, thanks to some serious light output for a home projector. Don't despair, the head to head action is just between updates of last year's projectors so that the big 2010 Home Theater Report's competitive info hasn't really changed much more than mentally adjusting the model number, checking for what improvements we spotted, and making your decisions using that report, and the current reviews... That's the skinny.   BTW, still no word back re the most asked questions, which are about the new JVC's and if I'll be getting another RS50 (specs) or RS60 (click for review) in to see about the brightness issue, or any others to review.  I am expecting to see JVC folks at NAB on Monday or Tuesday of next week.  I truly hope I have something to report.   BTW I fully intend to take  my light meter, on the outside chance that they have them setup, AND they let me measure brightness. One more item:  For the next two - three weeks, don't expect any brand new home theater projector reviews to be published.  All the new reviews will be for my Education report. The home projector reviews will resume after that report.   If, however, an RS60 or RS50 finds its way here, I will take a break to finish the RS60 review by remeasuring and updating.  That's it for now.  -art

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