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Updates on JVC and Mitsubishi Projector Reviews for Home Theatre

Greetings projector fans, it's time to review more JVC and Mitsubishi projectors. A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that we were expecting the JVC DLA-X75R, essentially identical to the DLA-RS56U from the JVC Pro division, and the Mitsubishi HC8000D.  I had hoped both would arrive before this weekend. Alas, a few changes.  In speaking with Mitsubishi this past week, they now tell me that an HC8000D 3D projector will ship out and arrive sometime late this week. JVC also had a problem.  The JVC DLA-X75R it turns out would not be available until a new batch arrived at the end of January.  I would say "darn" or something more emphatic, but for JVC's alternative:  They are instead, shipping me this week, a DLA-X95R, the JVC flagship home theatre projector. The JVC Pro group's virtually identical twin is the DLA-RS66U.  Both use "hand selected" components, with the rest going into the next lower down models - DLA-X75R and DLA-RS56.  These two are are $11,999.$4,o00 less at $7999.  Essentially JVC has no price reductions this year, only the addition of the DLA-X55R model we reviewed recently.  Thanks to previously having both the "hand built" and standard projectors in house previously, I'm comfortable addressing both projectors, with just the one. We've had the opportunity in the past to compare JVC's premium projectors with hand selected optics, light engines, power supplies, etc., against the standard version.  Folks there is a very real difference. Oh, it's possible that the best X75R coming off the line can match the least of the X95R projectors, but expect visibly better optics for openers, that's what really impressed us last time.  And JVC manages to claim 130,000:1 contrast instead of 90,000:1, which is also nice, however slight  (takes a doubling to have a easily detectable difference when compared side by side, unlikely that we can tell the difference if not viewed at the same time.  Still, overall, we expect the X95R projector to "look and cook" just like the X75R, except that it will be have a better picture - perhaps not a truly significant difference to most, but it will be there.  Remember, these JVC projectors are the ones with mind boggling black level performance, without needing a dynamic iris.  I can't wait for it to "land"  We reviewed the X55R which had extremely good black level performance, but blacker blacks are certainly available on some competing (and less expensive projectors using dynamic irises. So, now it's a race - which will arrive first.  Mike is standing by to calibrate them.  I truly expect to receive at least one before the weekend, and have that first one posted next week, with the second review only 4-5 days behind.  So, hang in there! It's almost obvious, but both of these projectors are fully 3D capable, using active shutter glasses.  The JVC will come with a plug into the back emitter for RF 3D.  The HC8000D?  Best I recall from CEDIA, the 3D emitter for the Mitsubishi (and glasses) are optional. Both Mitsubishi and JVC claim 1300 lumens.   One interesting thing about the Mitsubishi, is that it can use universal glasses, or (not at the same time) get a brighter image out of glasses specific to the HC8000D that won't work with the HC7900D. OK, I'll likely be doing First Look "reviews" of both, or certainly, on which ever arrives second, to keep you updated. Other than those two home theater projectors, I'm also expecting JVC to get us their "entry level" DLA-X35, which comes in two "designer flavors":  The DLA-X35W and DLA-X35B, are the same projector just the W comes in a white cabinet, and the B in Black finish.  Both are $3499.95 (gee, why didn't they make them $3499.99 to capture those last 4 cents?)   I mean, seriously, (not really), when your product is about $3500 do you still need to be playing around with pennies? Enough, the reviews will come soon enough for you, we hope!  

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