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Updates: Projector Videos posting this week, site changes

Greetings fans of home theater projectors, First, this week we'll be posting video reviews of the   Epson Pro Cinema 6030 UB and Epson 4030 projectors.  These will be available to all.  For our members, we're posting a video just for you:  BenQ W1070 / W1080ST.  Of course our online reviews are the most detailed. Lisa did survey about our new site, with our Facebook page, and based on the feedback from a number of our readers, we're going to be making some improvements: The first improvement to Projector Reviews that you are likely to see, is that we are bringing back the paragraph descriptions of all the recent reviews (typically the most recent 18 months worth).  That will restore the fastest way to find out what are the most recent reviews, while helping you figure out which ones you are really interested in.    Thanks! -art PS.    Wednesday we'll post the Sony VPL-HW55ES review.

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