Viewsonic PJD7820HD Projector – Update

Greetings –  Note this blog is old, but showing up on our new site (Nov 22).  Shortly all the blogs added in the last 3 months will appear.  Hang in there – art I know many of you are waiting for the PJD7820HD Projector review.
ViewSonic PJD7820HD projector
PJD7820HD by Viewsonic – a $699 Projector suitable for schools, portable business and home entertainment
I’ve certainly received a few emails asking why it’s not up yet.  (One of you even asked if I had paused writing the review to read War and Peace.) There have been issues, and a week of travel, relating to the delay.  I had hoped to post by 7/26, but this is what happened: This Viewsonic PJD7820HD projector has to be considered a cross-over – half business, half education, half home entertainment projector (please don’t bust me for “3 halves”.)  As the lowest cost true 1080p native resolution projector on the streets, that makes it interesting to a lot of folk, for serious and for fun uses. As a business and education projector it’s a pretty impressive choice – with over 3500 measured lumens, and under 5 pounds, road warriors can rejoice!  But what about for home entertainment?  That’s where the delay came in.  Missing the ability to calibrate the grayscale created some problems.   Mike calibrated the projector, including the individual colors.  Note: business users, you wouldn’t be doing any calibration.  With less than full controls he returned the projector to me.  For home entertainment I found color to be a problem.  There were four workable color temperature modes, of the two best, neither was particularly wonderfu

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  1. If those color temperature modes are enabled, you’re doing it wrong! Turn BrilliantColor off and use the advanced Color Management settings instead for calibrations (they’re in the first tab on the menu).

    I don’t have a colorimeter, but using test patterns I’ve come up with the following settings. Didn’t even matter that there wasn’t any grey level settings to adjust because they were already spot-on with the sRGB standard after my adjustments. The only settings I can’t be certain are accurate are the hue values since I have to eyeball them. I can’t wait to see how yours compare:

    Reference Mode: Dynamic PC
    Brightness: 52
    Contrast: -5
    BrilliantColor: Off
    Noise Reduction: 0
    Gamma: 3
    HDMI Range: Enhanced

    Red Hue: 10
    Red Sat: 110
    Red Gain: 105

    Grn Hue: -5
    Grn Sat: 105
    Grn Gain: 104

    Blue Hue: -3
    Blue Sat: 100
    Blue Gain: 74

    Cyan Hue: 9
    Cyan Sat: 110
    Cyan Gain: 104

    Mag Hue: 0
    Mag Sat: 100
    Mag Gain: 104

    Yel Hue: -5
    Yel Sat: 110
    Yel Gain: 100

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