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Viewsonic Pro8100 home theater projector - review is now online

Finally, done, except for some minor editing, and perhaps an image or two.  The first unit we received had an issue, so we received a second one, and it performed beautifully, give or take a minor issue or two.  In a nutshell, the Pro8100 is definitely brighter than the average 1080p projector for the home, especially in its best mode, and it is one of the sharpest projectors I've seen. The Pro8100 was found to have great color management, decent but not great out of the box color (but it calibrates beautifully), and an overall dynamic image with rich colors - lots of wow and pop!  We also found a flaw or two, notably with its dynamic iris.  For most considering the Pro8100, the "issues" are not deal breakers, and the strengths are multiple. Check out the full Pro8100 projector review.  -art

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