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Viewsonic Pro8100 redux: A second look coming

Greetings all! About two and a half weeks ago I published a full review of the Viewsonic Pro8100 1080 3LCD Home Theater Projector.  Overall, it was very impressive, but had one glaring (ok, not so glaring) flaw.  I found the dynamic iris to have problems.  It was often visible in its operation, to the point of occasionally being distracting.  It didn't just adjust from scene to scene, but seemed to overshoot where it was heading (opening or closing) before settling back to where it should be. This resulted in making its action more visible than if it simply adjusted to exactly where it should go.  The action was visible enough that you could often see it at work, even in a single scene if the lighting (content) changed even slightly. I brought this to Viewsonic's attention (pat on my back), and they seemed to really appreciate it, advising that they were already working on improving the dynamic iris, but that the commentary has spurred them to do a firmware update almost immediately (a pat on their back), instead of holding off, perhaps until the next model, which is no doubt many months away.  Remember, this is Viewsonic's first serious 1080p home theater projector, and they are off to a pretty good start.   I agreed to take a second look.  Unfortunately, I had just shipped the Viewsonic Pro8100 back to them a couple of hours before they called me.  Today, I received notification that they are shipping the same unit back with the newest firmware.   That new firmware now offers 3 different dynamic iris modes (instead of one), plus, of course, dynamic iris off. Assuming the new settings provide a much more ideal iris action, this will elevate the overall performance of the Pro8100 projector, already a very good home theater projector, so I'm looking forward to my second look. I should note, that the firmware is user upgradable, so any who have or still get one with the older firmware, can quickly update it.  I will provide the firmware information when I post an updated review, next week. The projector should arrive on Tuesday, the 15th, so I should be able to get to it before my one week vacation that starts on July 19th. Stay tuned!  -art

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