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Welcome To the New Projector Reviews Website: A First Read

Greetings projector fans, enthusiasts, and folk who just appreciate all the  advantages of a having the really big screen and a gorgeous picture. This is our newly redesigned website, that launched (finally) on November 21st.  As with all sites we're chasing out the bugs as fast as we can.  Had a few outages on Day one, but looking reasonably stable as I write this just 12 hours after launch.  No offense to the US government, but our site on day one, is apparently far more functional than  the now infamous "Obamacare" website that's barely functional.   At least we've got that going for us. I'd like to tell you about a few important things.  A few tips about the best ways to navigate the site, let you know what's not quite ready for primetime, etc. Let's start with the most important things to know in the first few days following our launch, then some helpful suggestings as you start navigating our site. New site stuff:  Issues we're working on 1. Although the new Members area is up on the site is there to sign up for, there's no member's content running yet.  We're building that out now, including the extra calibration info on more than a dozen home theater projectors, and figuring out how to get our members to their member content, including a couple of video reviews.  I expect we'll have content coming on line in the next 3-5 days.  Members, please be patient with us.  BTW, once I figure it out, everyone signing up to be a member, before year end, will have their first "year" run out 12/31/14, so for you folks signing up first that's a few extra weeks. 2.  It was a multi-month task to convert a decade's worth of reviews.  Ultimately we converted the entire site into a WordPress based site, "recreating" over 6000 pages and many thousands of images.  Honestly, it's hard to take a page 30 screenfuls long with 25-30 separate pictures and convert it to 3 pages only  5 screenfuls long, with 3 or 4 picture players instead of all those separate photos.  So you'll find strange comments such as "in the image below", when that image is in a player, a half a page above.  Some captions have been lost.  We used outside companies to do most of the converting, and their not great at analyzing the content just cut and pasting. So please forgive these types of errors. It was the only practical way to get things done.   Of course all new reviews, starting with the Epson Pro Cinema 4030 are created in the new site, so will not have any such issues. BTW, we tried to redo all the reviews of current projectors (about 70) in house, or by our web designer, while using a large company to convert the older reviews of discontinued projectors. 3.  One of our 4 types of image players is not displaying properly, that should be fixed before the site's up 48 hours. 4.  Captions.  We're still getting some of the captions in a couple of the players (we use 4 types) sorted out.  Forgive the inconsistency. 5.  That's enough issues for now.  If you should run into something really serious feel free to let us know, best way is to contact me at I just had a better idea.  I'm going to put those quick tips for navigating the new website on a separate blog that will post right after this one.  Check it out. Thanks for your patience.  I really hope you enjoy our new Projector Reviews website, and find it to be much better and more helpful than before.   -art

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