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The 2017-2018 Best Education Projectors Report is Live

Greetings! Education is the biggest slice of the total US projector market. It totally dwarfs home theater projector sales.  Every year - we been publish our major Best Education Projectors Report, this is the 9th edition. 2017-2018_report_AWARD-WINNERS This report should prove useful to anyone consider business or education projectors, including, of course, teachers, lecturers, speakers, presenters, students, etc.  The report itself, focuses more on decision makers, including AV, IT, and tech coordinators, at the school, district, college, and educational consortiums.  An example would be Iowa's consortium which researches projectors, negotiates prices and makes recommendations on projectors for K-12, to Iowa school districts  and those in the other states that are part of that consortium. This year we brought in one projector from each of fifteen different series of projectors, across eight of the largest projector manufacturers: BenQ, Casio, Epson, InFocus, NEC, Optoma, Sony, and Viewsonic. For each projector we bring in, manufacturers typically have 3-12 similar projectors in the same series ( UST and interactive projector series tend to be smaller - 3-6, with most traditional projectors have series of at least 6 models), varying in resolution, perhaps slightly in brightness, and perhaps the type of networking on board or optional, but are otherwise pretty much the same.  Also there will be some pricing differences between the models in a series.  These 15 we looked at represent over 70 projectors, including some of the best selling projectors on the market. As of today, the report - which goes up pieces, is almost complete.  Missing still: Our big spreadsheet with the specs on all the projectors in each of the 15 series we looked at.  (The shorter one, with the specs for the 15 projectors we reviewed is up there).  Also missing as of today, are links to three of those 15 projectors.  Two of the three are finished except for getting the write-ups finished and posted.  One should be posted on Monday, the other Tuesday.  The third won't get posted until after I'm back to work on June 19, after my Infocomm trip, There are short overviews on each projector (including those not yet posted), and links back to our full reviews, as well as updated info relating to education oriented projectors, the features and performance of projectors for both K-12 and Higher Ed, and additional info aimed at volume buyers. And, of course, we have given out our our Best In Classroom Awards for the 2017-2018 school year.  This year five of the eight manufacturers with projectors featured in this report picked up at least one award.  The fifteen projectors representing their respective projector series, garnered a total of 7 awards, spread out over three categories:
  • Standard projectors - typically used in K-12 classrooms, small multi-purpose rooms, (and outside the education world, in conference rooms and huddle areas).
  • Large(r) Venue projectors - more powerful, always with networking, typically for large lecture halls (for example 50 - 400 seat rooms, as well as small auditoriums, and museum use.  (This year we focused on models that do not offer interchangeable lenses, which keeps the costs down.
  • Ultra Short Throw and Interactive projectors - Any educational environment
To jump directly to our awards section, click here. Let's make America's schools the best.  One part of that is giving our teachers, the tools to communicate more effectively  -art

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